Can I hear stories about your tubal?

Before my daughter has hers , her monthly periods were painful and after she had hers she is in so much pain,has a heavy flow,and bad PMS, this was 18 years ago.

Caused my periods to get much heavier, last longer, and clot. They are so much more painful as well.

I just had mine done after my daughter and it wasn’t as bad as everyone says little cramping the 1st few days and then nothing I didn’t have any pain from the air … but the 1st period was miserable wouldn’t stop for weeks I went in and got a pill to stop it

I have my tubes tied the day after I had my fourth child. Recovery wasn’t bad considering I was still recovering from childbirth. I do remember my doctor asking me are you sure you want to do this and just not get an IUD because your periods can become more painful. And she was correct. My youngest will be six in April and I guess I had just gotten used to my periods on the IUD where the cramping was non-existent however now it is horrible. Might all takes it away but it’s definitely different.

Has messed with my period slightly. Recovery time was fast. Sleepy for the first day, and the gas pains were the worst of it all. By the 2nd day couldn’t even tell I had anything done. Had it done about 3 weeks post birth

Got mine done age 28 with 4th child/3rd c section.
Healing felt different.
Periods changed some- not worse or better just different.
Mine has been done for just over 2yrs.

Had a boy and a girl then I got mine tied in 2001 just a little swelling. big regret cause I always wanted another.

I was 28 when I had mine done…

Everyone’s experience with this is different. I’m sure that’s one of the reasons your doctor talks to you so much about it when you’re trying to decide. I had mine done on the day I had my second child at only 25 but I knew I never wanted to be pregnant again! This was likely one of the best decisions of my life! Nothing changed, my periods and cramps are the same as they were before. I completely love the freedom of not having to worry with birth control!

I am 28. I was with my husband for 13 years, married 2. 3 kids. He told me he didn’t want any kids after 30 (he was turning 30 after our last baby was born). I was having a c section so we agreed that I’d just have it done then. We split 6 months later and I regret it so much. I’d love to have another baby at some point. I had my tubes removed, not tied, so there’s really no options for me at this point other than IVF if I ever wanted another baby. Just make sure YOU don’t want any more babies.

The surgery was fine since it was along with my c section. I have had horrible bleeding since having my daughter though, and she is 18 months now. A few doctors are attributing it to having my tubes out.

I only had 2 natural but at 27 after a birth I had tubes cut and burnt through belly button a little tenderness but no problems.

I’m got my tubes tied on august 31st of 2020 with the birth of my third baby. The birth itself went okay but the surgeon was so rough in tying my tubes I ended up with three hernias. I got sent to another surgeon the week of Christmas to have them operated on and he was surprised I wasn’t seriously messed up from them, one of the hernias so was big it could be seen through my clothing. If you can possibly avoid getting them tied, like finding another means of birth control that will work for you, I urge you to do that.

I had mine done after 26 I think.
Got an infection. Bled for almost 3 months straight. Had an endometrial ablation. Haven’t had a period in almost 4 years.

Best thing ever. No.more periods no more birth control

Sure: had it last Monday. Pre surgery appt was bloodwork and making sure I was okay and ready. Day of: arrived 12:15pm did the pre-op check in then said bye to my bf (covid)I went in the back, did urine specimen and dressed into gown. I went on a hospital bed, checked bp and heart rate, talked to some nurses and the doctor then went to Or room. They put a mask on me and I passed out. I woke up, in pain, everything went well and was discharged shortly after. Tuesday-thursday was a lot of diarrhea, much pain. Friday til present less pain no diarrhea, I’ve been up and moving around cleaning house. Can’t lift or push heavy that uses a lot of stomach muscles

I had mine removed. Recovery was pretty easy for me. But my periods like many other ladies here got horrible, heavy, painful etc. My dr gave me the Mirena which I had before my last daughter was born to combat the period and its worked like a charm. I had mine done at 28.

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After 3 kids I got my tubal best decision ever my periods are lighter and more predictable and so much easier


From what I heard, your periods are extremely painful than what they were in the first place. I’m getting mine done regardless, because this momma is 22, due February, and don’t want anymore after #3.

Got mine at 28. Had some discomfort. All was good and no more birth control.

Had mine done in August. The first period was a gory horror movie. My periods after have gotten lighter in flow and little cramps, usually with 1 heavy day, lasting around 5/6days total. The tubal itself was easy, definitely sore. Took ibuprofen for a couple days.

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