Can I hear stories about your tubal?

I’m 32. Married to my husband four years, and he has five kids all together. I currently 36 weeks pregnant and I had a mirena iud in place for two years prior to this pregnancy. I have two kids with my husband ages 5 and 3 and I wish I had a tubal done after my 3 year old. I am definitely having one done after this baby is born. I think it’s definitely something to have done if you know you are for sure done having kids.

Getting mine done in 2 weeks at 25

I had mine done at 26. Other than heavier periods and rough cramps, I have no regrets. I’m now 35. It’s nice not to have to worry bout the pregnancy factor, taking bc and it failing or having bc make me gain weight or any of the bad side affects. I’d do it again if given the choice. I have 9 years til both my kids are 18 and I don’t have to worry bout a surprise baby coming and a huge age gap between my kids.

Reading these comments and I’m like shit this is worse than the actual c section… wtf

I’m 27 and I regret it. My dr didn’t talk to me about anything and I suffer from cysts on my overyies alot and it’s worse with being pregnant so I didn’t know my options. He was just very rude didn’t talk to me at all. So I got mine tied and regret it so much! The periods after are horrible cramps are horrible and hornaones are crazy! Yes everyone is different but thats how I am.

I just got my tubes removed December 21st. The first two days were pretty rough but I kept moving and was able to get back to normal within a week. The worst part for me is the depression afterwards.

Got my tubes cut during the caesarean of my third on Oct 17th. I was doing good after about 4 days was still a little sore but nothing extreme. Havent had a period since my 6 week PP

Had tubal after 6th child. Gas was difficult, but all else was good. Stock up on gasx!

Do some research on post tubular ligation syndrome. The doctors won’t tell you that it’s a possibility before you go under, and it doesn’t happen to everyone but it’s real and it’s hell.

I didn’t have a problem with the tubal nor the post tubal recuperations. I was 28

Did mine after fourth child. No side effects, no discomfort, lots of peace of mind!

Had mine done due to getting sick.That was in 2001.I am fine nothings happened to me and I went home after the surgery n took it easy for 2wks

I had mine done after my second daughter who is now 8…2 years ago I had to have an endometrial ablasuon due to such awful periods…only reading this now,does it all make sense…no one has ever told me that the tubal can disrupt periods SO much…I wish they had!!

No problems, no worries, easy breezy procedure,for me anyway, best of luck

I got mine burnt and cut I’ve had no issues and my period is still the same and spot on every month

Had mine after I had my daughter. I was 26. No problems and I’m glad I did it. My period is lighter and last only 3-4 days now instead of 5-7 days.

I got mine tied 2 years ago. I haven’t had any problems, I still get my periods every month.

I had my tubes removed. No problems at all.

I was told mine was one of the easiest tubals ever! As soon as the doctor left, I hemorrhaged! I spent the night in the hospital and left the next morning without further complications.

I did the exact same at the same age, only difference was she was my sixth child. I love having mine done.