Can I hear stories about your tubal?

It was quick day surgery and not a long recovery. It hasn’t caused me any problems since. I had it done at 28

I had mine cut at 24. At 41 i had a hysterectomy

Had mine clamped off back in 2011 as of October 2019 I was able to get pregnant. My clamps fell off, tubes grew back on one side. Would of been baby number 6 but work stress caused a miscarriage.

I had mine tied at 23 and I regretted it ever since. I had light-moderate periods and very little cramping prior to the ligation. After surgery, my periods were horrific and cramps put me in bed for days. Finally ended up with a partial hysterectomy 4 years later because I couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve heard many stories similar to mine, but hopefully yours is a more positive experience. Good luck!

Had mine removed. Lots of cramping after. Periods are different every month. Miss my iud.

I’m about to get mine done next month after my 2nd child.

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Worst decision I ever made

Got mine done a few years back ended up having a tubal pregnancy a year later … obviously I lost the baby and that destroyed me . And I haven’t been able to lay on my stomach since the procedure because it hurts extremely bad which I’m told is normal.

Worst decision I ever made. Bad cramps all the time.

I was 26 when I had mine done 32 now. No issues. Periods super light and last 2.5 days. The only thing I could say “negative” is irregular periods they aren’t always “on time” but im a stress case so that could be part of it. Personally best decision I’ve made.

Wish I would have just told them to take it all… periods have been awful


I had mine done 6 years ago when I was 26. No problems.

Will be 11 years come March. Periods got really heavy but were already painful before hand. Ended up doing an elective Ablation a year after the tubal and haven’t had a period since. Glad I did the tubal and the ablation. Just make sure it’s what you want.


Lol I had mine at 25. 7 years later found out I was 5 mos pregnant. I was so happy. I knew I had made a mistake! He is 29 now! The 2nd tubal ligation worked like a charm though! I had an ablation and that pretty well ended any further periods.

I had mine done at 22 after my third child but I had nothing but problems afterwards So eventually they just took my tubes out and I’ve had no problem since but that was 20 years ago

I had mine done street baby#4, I was 25. Best thing I’ve done. My periods are less in days (3-4) and it’s very regular. Like clockwork lol.

25 when had mine during c section with twins…
periods are hell now and doing a ablation if all else fails be getting a hysterectomy I regret it so much due to bleeding

I had a tubal at 24, during my csec with my second. I’m carrier for a genetic syndrome, so dr agreed tubal was a good option. I had no problems, at least, none I didn’t have before.

I thought my tubes were going to be tied back in July after I had my baby via c-section but now they take the whole tubes out. I had huge cysts so those came too. My periods started at 6 weeks post partum and have been coming at the same time each month as they did before except now I am bleeding so heavily that at times it goes thru everything and on to my clothes. Once I stood up and had a huge gush like I did when I first stood up after delivery.

Irregular , painful. Can no longer wear tampons.