Can I hear your c-section stories?

I’m about pregnant & due in February; I was wanting to hear other c-section moms’ stories on having two c-sections. I wanna hear about the surgery itself to the recovery & all of it.


Following. I’ll have my second in may with a busy 2 year old as well. I’ve heard the second is a slower recovery than with your first though :smirk:

My second delivery was easy, overall. I was nervous, because I was out to sleep for my first( it was an emergency). But it wasn’t bad at all.
Make sure to get your belly band and put it on before you get out of bed.
My recovery was pretty good too. I knew what to do, how much to walk, I knew to take the pain meds even if I felt like I didn’t need them, I knew to take the stool softeners, to not lay down flat at home.
It was pretty good, overall.
I’ve had 4 c sections, and my 3rd delivery was the worst.

Following i will have my 2nd c section in June as well❣

My second c section was easy. I was sitting up in bed hours later. It just felt like I had a major core workout. My second c section was the first c section I was awake. When I came home I still did my normal activities with my 3 year old just take it a little easier. Everyone recovers differently.

You will do fine as long as you get out of bed and walk as soon as possible. The worst pain comes from gas accumulation which you will be able to get rid off if you walk. Use a belly pillow when you cough. Use a abdominal binder when out of bed. Take stool softeners every day. Do not carry more than 10 pounds for 6 weeks

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I have had 3 my kids are grown now but my first one was the worse And the other ones got easier I was in the hospital 5 days with my 1st baby but other ones I was only in there 2 days they all so cut me from my belly button down which I didn’t understand I had 22 staples that I had to get removed so my first one was my worst one…I had a baby in Jan and in August and Nov .

I’ve had 3 c-sections and the 2nd was the worst. First one was super easy, hardly any pain afterwards. The second one was so painful I could hardly walk. I mostly shuffled around hunched over. Third one was a mix of both. I don’t remember much about the surgery itself, except I barfed on the anesthesiologist every time.

Following! I am having my second csection January 27th

Second was way better then my first!!!

Worst experience ever. Its not easy. They literally cut through your stomach muscles. I had two naturally and then an emergency c-section. The natural babies- I was up and moving within minutes. C-section baby had me down for several days.

My first csection was an emergency so all of it was just awful. I was in alot of pain and my feet swelled up. The second one was a plannee csection (because of previous csection) and it went so smooth. Thank goodness because it was this past march and I was panicked from covid. But all was good. Little pain and not alot of bleeding. Second csection was definitely so much easier. Good luck mama!

Every body is different I had an injury to my csection 1wk post partum.had issues after that

My first was easier than second. First was emergency after 12 hours of induced labor. Second was planned, they gave me a different epidural and it was awful! I was sick and nauseous for 4 days! I also had a very slow recovery the second time. I was more slow, tired and blah…

My second section was easier! You’ve got this! :blush:

My second was easier than my first. Even with a 2 year old AND a newborn. I was up moving within 9 hours of the second and I think that’s why. With the first it was closer to 18 hours before I could stand and walk.

I’ve had 3 c-sections. They weren’t that bad except for the last one because of them going over the existing scars from the others I did not numb well in that area. They ended up giving me morphine. My scars still itch 30 years later

My second csection was a way better experience than my first!

My first was awkward more than anything.
I assumed that with the spinal you wouldn’t feel anything, I was not expecting to feel people’s hands under my ribs. It didn’t hurt, it was just…weird. I had a mild reaction to the spinal (very nauseous after) but they gave me ondansetron for that.
Recovery was not too bad - a few days of taking extra strenth tylenol and it was over.
Things I will remember for this time around:

  • Hospital pads are massive.
  • Load up on extra pairs of the mesh panties. They are amazing things.
  • When they are sticking thier hands in and warn you that you may feel pressure, it is the weirdest thing I have ever felt.
    -Take the pain meds
    -And the stool softeners. Take those too.
    -Find pants without elastic to wear home.

Personally the more you have the easier they got. You know what to expect how it feels etc. Yes it is harder having more than one child but mentally it was easier.
I do suggest where ever you end up sleeping (I slept on couch for several weeks we have a high bed) to set that shit up how you want it. If you are bottle feeding have bottles filled with water, diapers, formula etc every thing RIGHT THERE.