Can I hear your VBAC stories?

So I’m 35 weeks pregnant with my second boy. My fires I had a section because he was facing the inside of my thigh and not going down right, so he got stuck, and his heart rate would drop with contractions. Until I was about 28 weeks, I was going to the same dr from my first pregnancy, and they said I absolutely couldn’t try a VBAC and that that hospital wasn’t equipped for it. Around 28 weeks, I moved 2 hours away, and when I finally got into the dr, I was told I could definitely try and that I’m a good candidate. I go on Monday to make my birth plan with my dr and go over everything (as this is the first time I’ve been able to meet her). Can I hear some VBAC/ TOLAC stories from y’all? Both good and bad! I’m excited but nervous at the same time and want to be prepared. Also any tips you may have to make it easier? TYIA


I had an emergency c-section with my 1st due to my pelvis not softening/opening enough. Causing issues with heart rate for babe and too much blood loss for me. With that said - my doctor still offered for me to do VBAC if I wanted to with my 2nd but he said many time the same complications can occur which may cause us to have to perform emergency surgery again. I decided to do a scheduled c-section because I didn’t want that stress I had with my 1st delivery. But as long as everyone on your team is on the same page I don’t see any issue with trying VBAC


I just had my second. I had my son 6 years ago, went through induction for 5 days with no progression so they took him via c-section. With my daughter my plan was a vbac, or tolac, but my midwives wouldn’t allow me to go past 40 weeks. Ended up having another csection at exactly 40 weeks. Good luck and hopeful it happens!!

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I wanted to have a VBAC but never went into labor…they wouldn’t induce after a C/S so the next 2 were also C/S bc they were nice and comfy. For #2 the Dr was even going to try a membrane sweep at 39w to help but she said I was too high and tight to even be able to do it:(

I had my first son via C-section due to him being breached and I’m only 4" 8’ but I wanted to have my second (10 years later) vbac. He was much smaller only 5lbs 13 oz and I had a successful vbac it’s worth it if you can due it and the recovery time is much shorter

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Successful VBAC with my second. Dr broke my water on accident while checking for dilation at my appointment. Labored for 9 hours. Pushed for 20 mins.
6 years between c section and vbac.


I have had 5 vbacs no issues with any of them. Trust your Dr. If they think you are good. Then go for it.

Water broke and dilated quickly. She was an unplanned unmedicated VBAC 10 days before her scheduled RCS. I pushed for less than an hour. She would’ve arrived quicker if I knew what I was doing lol.

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My boys are 23 months apart…first was cesarean, second VBAC. No issues at all. Unfortunately, 13 years LATER, I had my daughter and was told that the hospital changed its policy and I HAD to get a cesarean…

It’s pain full I went to the wrong hospital with my daughter and they didn’t deliver babies but they had some stuff there to if it was an emergency the only one at that hospital that had helped deliver a baby was the ambulance driver but they had me pushing at a few be with my water not even broke so I got two people one on each side pulling my legs up to my head it hurt so bad I pushed them off of me and stood up and said mom how fast does your car go the ambulance driver said don’t do that I will get the Paperwork up right quick and call the other hospital and let them know what was going on but we made it there and I got an epidural and I could see my daughters head come out pretty quick with my son I couldn’t see him untill the nurse held him up

Had 2 vbacs. 3 years after cs, then 4 years later. First was similar to yours, 10 days late, got stuck, has c-sect. Second came on her due date, 8 lbs, 5 hours labor. Worked with midwife in a hospital, just in case, iv pain meds only.
3rd was 1.5 hours labor, at hospital only 35 min before delivery. Too fast for all pain meds. Both vbac recoveries were much faster and easier. Good luck!

I had a successful induced v-bac. The hospital close to me was not equipped so I traveled to another hospital. I would make sure the hospital you are going to is reputable and they have a trauma team available.

I had my son he was my first emergency c-section bc he was breech and pooping inside me from the time my water broke till they got him out i tried to have a vbac with my daughter and i almost ruptured it was the worst pain it started with horrible contractions then her heart rate started to drop my doctor was amazing though we had a good plan of attack n she was to make the call for surgery if she felt it was to bad n she did when the emergency c-section was over she told me i was lucky bc if we would have waited longer it could have been bad. I dont regret trying i always wanted to beable to have kne of my babies naturally but unfortunately i was not able to but i had an amazing team of doctors behind me n they did amazing.

My girlfriends uterus ruptured with a VBAC…a GP Dr was taken care of her. About lost baby and mommie too. Dr lost her license over it.

my second child was a csection due to being breech, my 3rd child was a successful VBAC my water started leaking and labor began on it own. this is my 4th and I wanted to try a vbac again but the doctor said if i dont go into labor on my own, have pregnancy diabetes, or any other complications I will have to have a csection. I’m also planning to get my tubes fixed and if I have a csection they can do it the same day but if I do a vbac I will have to wait for a few weeks. with this and the chance that something could go wrong I’m leaning toward a csection just so we are prepared…:confused:

My first was a c section (due to fetal distress) and my second was a VBAC. They didn’t want to give me any pitocin during my VBAC because of the increase risk of uterine rupture so I was able to progress naturally which took a while (19 hours) but other than that everything went super smoothly and I delivered a healthy 9lb 3.5 oz baby girl! It was a wonderful experience! I would have gone for another VBAC for baby #3 but baby was transverse :cry: Good luck!

I don’t really have a story. I had my 5th baby at 32 weeks. Extremely stressful pregnancy cord was wrapped around his neck. He’s healthy 13 years old now. My 6th baby I was 43 easy pregnancy no problems. Higher risk because of age . Sailed through 10 hr labor no issues. W vbac

My first was Slice & dice due to be breach and small pelvic the next three were VBACs. #3 was my homebirth and was amazing. All three Vbacs were 43 +actual labor hours. I personally believe it took so long to dialate because the muscles were severed, obviously, and so top half and bottom half don’t really “work together” I wouldn’t trade my c or last two birthings for anything. Birth #2 had a lot of hospital mess ups including a lost page to a doctor -long story. Lol

My first was an emergency c-section due to heart rate dropping during labor…after a few hrs of trying we headed in for emergency c-section which was quick and my 8.6lb girl was born. 1yr3months later pregnant with second. First doctor recommended not doing a VBAC especially if I didn’t plan on have more after. We moved while I was 7months and I asked another doctors opinion she said we could try for a VBAC…went in 40weeks because of bleeding. Doctor let me try to have naturally for a couple hrs but heart rate was dropping like before during contractions, so we went in for another emergency c-section, only this time was not as easy…baby had already descended into birth canal since I was in labor for awhile before c-section was decided. Doctor was struggling to get him out during c-section, literally pulling and tugging all ways, running from one side to other side of table to get him out. After what felt like a lifetime he came out unresponsive for 14minutes, he was be resuscitated by three different people. Finally my miracle baby started breathing again. He was put on a cooling pad to let his body come back to regulation slowly to not put him in shock. 6yrs later he is healthy and thriving. I wish I would of just did the c-section from the start but at the time I felt like I had something to prove that I could birth a baby, but I think no matter how you bring a baby into the world you are a Rockstar momma, sorry for the long post…

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1st was c section due to breech presentation. Baby 2 and 3 were VBAC. I refused to be filleted like a fish again when i had a perfectly good uterus to have a vaginal childbirth experience. My OBGYN explained all the risks and i assured him I would be fine and so would my uterus. Afterall he cut it open and knows how he sewed it up and I had complete faith in him, my body and God. They induced me so to keep a close eye, my daughter was born in just under 7 hrs from the start of pitocin. Same for baby number 3, very easy short labor and much better birthing experience than the first time around. GOOD LUCK Momma, you’ve got this!