Can I hear your VBAC stories?

My 1st was a VBAC then my next 2 pregnancies were natural births with no complications.

** Really long, but full story. 41+2 week induced VBAC with no prior labor. 37 hours total, 12 minutes pushing. 8lbs. 21in** I just had my second daughter by VBAC this past July and was even induced. My first was frank breech and we didn’t know it until I was 41 weeks pregnant because I didn’t have an ultrasound after the anatomy scan and all of my doctors and midwives at the practice swore she was head down (boney butt? Lol) And her fluid was low and her cord wrapped around her neck so I had a non-emergency unplanned c-section that day (Went in for an ultrasound to be induced and found out then). The c-section went fine and she was a healthy big girl and my doctor told me I could VBAC next time while sewing me up. This one was the complete opposite. Nothing exciting or anything during the pregnancy, I did have prodromal labor a lot starting in the late second trimester. My biggest thing was getting the guts to advocate for myself and educate myself because there was a midwife or 2 that were kind of discouraging but I knew statistically there was no reason why I couldn’t safely try. This one did stay oblique lie a lot( with her head in my left hip and feet in right ribs) but was either facing my right or my back the whole time. She also always had her hand in her face for scans. i went over 40 again and my stomach doesn’t get very big even though my girls were big so I basically begged to be induced. I went in at 41 and 2 days to be induced. They started me with a foley bulb and pitocin. I did that for 24 hours, then they removed my bulb and I was only at a 2-3 but id never labored before so they weren’t concerned. I asked for an epidural The following morning to rest because my contractions got stronger and more consistent if I tried to rest (before this i was bouncing on a ball, walking, and doing some work with a wireless monitor on). They checked me at 26 hours right before I got my epidural and I was at a 5 with a bulging bag (just 2 hours after hardly no progress). My water broke and the contractions got stronger but still manageable. Then I sat up to get my epidural and her head shifted and water went EVERYWHERE lol. Contractions immediately got to the point of taking my breath and really having to focus. Once the epidural kicked in I did sleep for a while and they kept moving me around and had a peanut ball between my legs to help her move down. She didnt like me laying on one side and her heart rate would go down so I stayed on my right but then my epidural wore off on my left side to they sat me up in a throne position to even it out. I kept telling my nurse I could feel contractions through my epidural and I had used it a couple of times, so she checked me since I hadn’t been checked in about 8-10 hours since my water was broken (reduce risk of infection) and we weren’t expecting much change but I was at an 8 and she could feel her head. So they called the midwife and adjusted my epidural again. Well the right side wore off (lmao) once we got it back evened out my left leg was completely numb, like could not move it myself. So i started to feel my contractions through the epidural again so my nurse checked me again and said to call the delivery team and neonatal nurses. She was on the phone with the midwife and said yeah I can see her head. So I pushed for 12 minutes and she came out with her hand on her face. I only had 4 small labia tears and she didn’t cry at first but was breathing. It was crazy, I bawled like a baby, and honestly having a VBAC really made me want to try again maybe unmedicated. It was an amazing experience with some amazing nurses and midwives especially for my first time laboring.

My first was a breeze. I was 39+4, My water broke about 4:30am I was dilated 4cm and given the epidural. By 9:15am I was ready to start pushing. I had my son at 9:55am. My second (a girl :roll_eyes: giving me problems from the beginning lol) I had extra fluid towards the end and had to be monitored via stress tests. my water ruptured on a Saturday night about 10:30pm. I had group b strep so I had to go in and get hooked up to an iv. My water finally broke broke about 1:30am. 6am still no contractions so I was induced. Got the epidural in the middle of the afternoon and it only numbed my right side. I didn’t have her til 7:45pm Sunday night at 39 weeks. 3yrs old and 6 months old… Both mostly happy, healthy pains in my butt :heart:. No suggestions really to make it easier but good luck to you!

It can absolutely be done! But make sure you are totally confident in your doctor as the risks are greater! Also ensure you have your back up plan and be mentally ok with potentially having another c section
But either way
Congrats mama!

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My 1st was forceps, my 2nd was emergency c section and 3rd (final) was a VBAC. With my 3rd I had 4 degree tearing, was told at my 1 week checkup that they should have given me a blood transfusion. Healing was a bit hard. Had low iron for 8 months after. Good luck Momma :+1: :heartbeat:

I originally planned for a VBAC with my second, but also made a plan to have C-section if he did not come on his own by a certain date…so my best advice is plan for a VBAC, but include a C-section if needed…


i think she wants to hear Vaginal Birth After C-section stories. :woman_shrugging:t4:


My first was born emergency c-section at 29 weeks 3 day. My second was born at 36 weeks. I was induced and had her naturally no major issues except my cervix not wanting dialate. Then my 3rd was born at 38 weeks 2 days by planned c-section. My choice for the 3rd to be c-section was due to having a hard time healing from the natural birth.

I had my daughter natural no problems. My son an emergency csection. So just had another but they refused to let me have a natural birth. My doc told me once you have a csection they wont let you do natural anymore

I had 2 successfully vbacs. First was emergency csec. During 2nd labour, i was asked if there was any pain on my scar. I said no. 1st and 2nd are 2 years apart. The third, they didnt have time to see my notes as everything happened so fast. They rushed me to birthing centre and i gave birth within an hour of reaching hosp. They had water ready, but lil bubs was already peeping out lol. Hopefully you have a swift easy labour. X

My grandson was born vbac no problems or complications.

I had an emergency c section, and then a scheduled c section. I just had my VBAC on the 8th, unmedicated. I went into labor on my own, I had about 18 hours of back labor, and then about 6 hours of front contractions. My water broke on its own towards the past 40 minutes. It was a great experience! You can do it!

I got an emergency c section the first time and was able to successfully do it vaginally the second time this year. It went perfect, got the epidural then pushed for 20 min and she was out. No complications!

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I had a section with my first because she was breech and I developed sudden severe pre-eclampsia and they needed her out. Easy recovery, everything good. My second 2.5 years later I decided I wanted a VBAC. Contractions started at 36 weeks and I went to the hospital for a check. I started to have near constant pain (not awful just a little) not just when the contraction came. The doctor was concerned and suggested we just do a c-section. Second c-section went fine and dandy and recovery was easy. Dr told me afterward the reason I had pain was because the scar on my uterus from the first section had started to split when the contractions started. That very well could’ve been deadly. I do wish I had been able to VBAC but grateful to have a happy healthy child :slight_smile:

Just wanna say Yay! I had 5 by c-section and didn’t get to try a VBAC. :sweat_smile: You got this momma!

Im a midwife in the UK, its pretty standard to go for vaginal birth after 1 previous c section here. Good success rates too x

I had twins. Baby b was transverse. She also had an 80% increase in risks associated with vaginal delivery if I went that route. Opted for csection on both at 37.5 weeks.

Following! Waiting a year and a half so we can try for a natural birth again. The csection was definitely the hardest on me out my two.

Successful VBAC here. After an emergency c section with my first born my second was born with a 2 hour labour VBAC no problems :slight_smile:

My first was a c-section at about 42 weeks after 30 hours of induced labor. Recovery was a breeze but I was only 20 so I guess that was to be expected. My second was a VBAC at 40 weeks after 24 hours of induced labor. This recovery also was a breeze. Those two were 4 years apart. Fast forward 12 years and my third was a planned section because the insurance requirements for VBAC had changed and I would have had to go to a different doctor and hospital. I just did a planned section because I loved my doctor and didn’t want to change. That recovery was not a breeze. I had some issues but nothing major. Now fast forward 13 more years and baby number 4 was emergency c-section at 36 weeks. She had been a planned section but decided she wanted to come a little earlier than we was ready for.