Can I out the father on the birth certificate if he doesn't want to be?

I’m currently four months pregnant. The father of my child has currently been in a relationship for almost five years with his GF. He doesn’t want any responsibility to this child, but I want to put his name on the birth certificate will I be able to if he doesn’t want it?


No at least in Pennsylvania in order to put the father on the birth certificate the father has to sign a form acknowledging paternity if not you have to go to court

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If he doesn’t want to be, then why bother :woman_shrugging:


If you’re not married then he hast to sign the birth certificate or be put on it at least that’s how it is in Michigan

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Not in uk
But why would you want to if hes not interested
And that’s automatically giving him rights why would anyone do that to a man that can walk away from the child xx


Probably depends on your state. I would think in most if you are not married, the father needs to sign and acknowledge the paternity. Pending DNA you can have it added I believe.

In South Africa you can.

No, he has to be present to sign the acknowledgement of paternity. In order for you to force the issue, you would need a dna test through the court

No u can’t he has to be there.

anyway why would you If he doesn’t want anything to do with the baby

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I’m in IL…if the father isn’t there to sign the BC, they can’t put his name on it.

If you’re not married he has to be present to sign.

Depends on the state you live in

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You will have to go through child support and get a dna test and then they will put it on there no matter what he wants


Nope he has to sign it

In Cali no you can say you don’t know who the father is and they don’t have to sign

In California 5 years ago… Bd went home to clean up the house for me and told me just to put his name down but they wouldn’t let me. He HAD to be the one to sign it

If you’re in the US, you would have to pursue him through child support services after the baby is born. Once a DNA test is done through the state you can petition the courts to amend the birth certificate to reflect that he is the father.

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You can take it to court and get a paternity test which will legally put him on the birth certificate. You can name him as a potential father yourself, but you cannot forge his signature on the certificate.

He doesn’t want to be, he has a partner he had been with for 5 years, and your pregnant. Shit girl it sounds like you’re playing games

You can not add him, he would have to sign it himself. Unless you get a court order then he will have to put himself on it. Why sleep with him if he was with someone else?