Can I put a stop to my request for child support?

So my partner and I are separating. We are not married. We have a child together and another on the way. I sent out an application to the AOG (attorney general office) to get child support. We do not have a court order yet. So it’s just the application I sent off. We have decided to make the payments without trying to involve the AOG, but how do I go about it? Do I call and withdraw my application? Since there is no court order set out, I was wondering if that would even be a possibility. Can anyone shine some light on this situation for me? I’m in Texas btw if that helps.


Either call the office or go up there and tell them you want to stop it.

I think it would be a bad idea to stop it. Just saying from past experiences


Bad idea I wouldn’t stop it


I wouldn’t stop it. I had an agreement with my ex-husband. He changed his mind a few years later. I had to go back to court to get it withheld from his wages. Protect your children by keeping it.

I wouldn’t stop it. It is a back up. Ur X stays doing the right thing no harm no foul.


I wouldn’t stop it. You should be able to come to an agreement on how much you want him to pay if you’d rather agree on it together. But if it’s court ordered it isn’t stipulated. He can’t get mad at you and not pay. Or control you with it


In Australia you can do a private agreement but it has to equal the same amount through the child support agency

My advice… don’t stop it. Your situation may be stable now but who knows what the future holds. When my X and I divorced he had a solid job and child support came monthly without fail for 5 years. He is an alcoholic, lost his job, lost his home and child support obviously stopped. Just because his life was in the gutter didn’t mean mine had too be. I wasn’t the one hounding him for payments… it was the states responsiblity to collect and still is. If I hadn’t insisted on going through the state i would have no legal recourse in the future to collect.

I am in Missouri but I tried that with my ex and they told him that any payment outside of the office like an agreement between us would be considered a gift from him to me so the money he gave me wouldn’t count as CS

Do not stop it. Chances are he will say all the right things for now. My ex husband was court ordered to set up a joint account instead of child support, and that was six months ago. He has done nothing in regards to helping me with the children. Save your self the control battle of paying when he wants and just proceed with it.

Bad idea. You need to have everything in writing. People change, get remarried, new relationships, etc. Nope. Put your agreement in writing.


Don’t stop it! There needs to be a legal plan in place for the noncustodial parent to adhere to his or her obligation to take care of the child. It doesn’t mean there has to be any discord or animosity between the two of you. It is just a safeguard for the care of your child.


OK depending on the state where you live if your child and soon to be child is I medicaid you actually have to go through the whole thing. My daughter had a baby she is not with the guy actually he is in jail. But for her child to stay on medicaid she has to go through the whole entire motion and file no matter what

I’d keep the child support. It would benefit both you and your ex to keep it court ordered and everything documented. I have seen guys get screwed over by exes claiming they never got money from them. Then they ended up having to pay out even more. Plus who ever pays the child support it can sometimes help with their taxes using that as a deductible. It benefits you so that if you are getting any health insurance and assistance from Gov’t they will not be taken away. Most states are now requiring that if parents aren’t living together in the same household and arent combining income with marriage that someone has to paid child support, if the kids stay with you full time than he pays if they stay with their dad full time you pay. Just keep it. It will save you a lot trouble in the long run. It is always best to have a paper trail that way no one will be accused of anything. Definitely try to look into your local laws reguarding child support medical benefits and all that.

Call or go there. But I wouldn’t stop it…

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You can tell them that you’ve made an agreement between the two of you for child support payments. And that’s great for the people that who can do that…if he’s been a good father to your first child and gives you what you needed and does what’s right then you guys could possibly work it out. But, I would still go to the court.

Let it go through then it’s on file for all involved;”) some day they’ll do things n that don’t always get followed through ?


From personal experience, put it through the system. It helps you both


His “next” wont want him to pay…