Can I put my childs father on the birth certificate without him being there?

I live in ms and am 7 months pregnant. The father won’t be able to be at the hospital at the time of birth. Am I able to put him on the birth certificate without him being there? Or do I not put anyone as a father? Thank you, sincerely, confused mama.


He has to sign the birth certificate.

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In my state if you are not married you can’t just put the father on the birth certificate. It’s a much bigger process than that. At the very least he would have to be there and show certain documents. Also even if you are married I think he would have to sign it. I would call the hospital and verify how it works where you are.

In my state the father doesn’t have to be there at the time of birth, but has to be there when they come to fill out the paperwork because he has to agree to have his name placed on the certificate. When I had my son, they came right before I was released to do the paperwork, so as long as he is there before your release I think he is fine. I know it differs from state to state! Best thing to
Do would be to check with your local health dept

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In my state, you have to be married in order to not have him present to sign it, if you aren’t married then he has to sign it. I didn’t need my husband there to add him for each of our 4 children( even though he was present).

I put mt husband on our kids without him there…In Ohio.

In my state we can go back and have them added if they weren’t present time of birth. The paperwork gives you resources on how to do so.

I know laws vary based on state and your legal marital status. Here in MI, I put my husband on the certificate and signed it. He never had to sign anything. I’m not sure if that would have been different had we not been married though.

In wi we werent married but he signed the bc. I think he had to be the one signing because then anyone can put anyone down as the dad if they didnt need to sign

In Missouri, my sons father had to sign an affidavit of paternity saying he accepted all legal responsibilities of the child. He had to be there to sign that. They wouldnt have put anyone on the certificate if he didnt sign it and they told him if he had any doubts then he shouldnt sign it and apply for a paternity test to be completed through the court

Call the hospital records department and ask them how that works.

I was able to with all my kids the father never once signed

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Not unless you’re married. If unmarried, he has to sign an acknowledgment of paternity.

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If not married in my state (Iowa) An affidavit needs to be signed in front of a notary. So he has to be present. It doesn’t have to be done right away. A father can be added onto a birth certificate at any time for no charge. If you’re married he doesn’t have to be there.

If he picks u up at discharge he can sign the bc then

He has to sign it. U have a certain amount of time also to sign it. So ask how long do u have to sign it. I remember after my 1st one we signed like a week after baby was born

In Canada we fill it out on line. Just ask for fathers full name

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He has to sign it. My husband had to sign my sons paperwork.

Im in Aust. When my daughter was born he had to sign the birth cert. We took all paper work home and had a month to fill it out and send it all in :grin:

I’m in Ohio and my husband didn’t have to sign anything