Can I recieve SSI payments for my 7-year-old with a speech delay?

I want to remain anonymous. Okay, mamas, I have a question, and please don’t think bad of me for the asking. But do you know if I can receive SSI benefits for my 7-year-old who has a speech problem? It isn’t bad, but it’s noticeable, a couple of people have told me to check into it, but I’m not sure if it’s even worth it. But if so the money would help us out so much I’m a single mom of 2; I work full time only getting a little over minimum wage and currently in college


Have your child been evaluated through the school?

SS benefits are for the truly disabled the disability has to effect daily life by more than 75% and by that I mean they require help eating, dressing, showering ect if your child can function without that and goes to school ect they wont qualify…


Definitely check into with the social security administration. You can at least get better health benefits to pay for therapy. Have him evaluated by a doctor and officially diagnosed is the first step. Don’t feel bad or guilty. You pay for the social security benefits through your paycheck, so you would basically be getting back some of what you are paying in. Social security will probably be broke by the time you retire so take advantage now for your child if you can.

No you can’t, go to the SS website…

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I know ppl who got it for speech but not for long because as soon as a therapist say it’s better then they will cut the child off benefits.


Apply, only thing they can do is deny you…

Speech therapy through school


I help people get SSD and SSI. I’m a paralegal. I’m happy to exchange more information about his condition(s) and explain what is needed to meet criteria for the benefit. PM me if you’re interested.


This might help you.

It never hurts to try who knows you may be eligible. Best to you and your kids.:pray::heart:

That’s crazy. It’s a speech delay. As others have said speech through school. That is not what disability is for. I was a single mom went to school and worked very hard. No I didn’t receive any help whatsoever. Why not consider cleaning houses independently. Work hard and it will pay off. Good luck to you.


Go to the school and ask for an evaluation for speech IEP Meeting , they will go thru the school district , and then your child will see a speech therapist afterwards apply for benefits. If the therapist says does have the speech delay.


Just quit your JOB ( Go on welfare ) And you can go to School Free and can get ssi too. Responding for Friend :skull:

Just know that any diagnosis your child gets it remains with them for the rest of their life.


No he wont qualify. Ssi is for a disability i.e. adhd, hearing loss, autism etc


My daughter with3 autoimmune diseases doesn’t qualify. She has celiac type 1 and psoriasis now 12. It would help with the stuff that’s not covered by my work insurance.

See if she qualifies for speech therapy or a low cost program.

My daughter is diagnosed with speech delay, I went through SSI she qualifies for Medicaid which is free insurance but I don’t qualify for money because I make too much. It goes by income so apply and see you never know

No. Get your child the help they need and stop to trying to live off the system. Sincerely a single mom also in college. This isn’t what disability is for and it takes away from those who really really need it to actually live and function. This is what school is for as well since they should have some kind of speech program. SSI has to affect 75% or more because it’s truly a life altering disability!


My son was born with NF1 and fragile X syndrome. He is now 19 and still has a mind of a middle schooler. He went through a lot of therapies when he was younger and I will tell you that I went through it and they said he was not handicapped enough.