Can I see the room you homeschool from?

Hey, y’all! I’m trying to figure out a homeschooling/school organization in my dining room! Can you guys flood my post with pics of your multi-use rooms?!

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I brought bins and put my kids binders and pencil box and that in it then i put it up so my three year olds dont get it

Every morning I get up my senior takes the computer and hops in my bed

We went to the dollar tree and bought bins to organize the school stuff. My oldest has a desk in her room and basically does everything on her laptop so she didnt need much. My toddlers have posters hung on one of the bedroom walls and I have the school stuff put up in bins and only get out what we need that day.

I used an old tv center to organize my sons zoom area. Keep the laptop in the main tv area (has room for him to use notebooks at the same time). Use the side shelves for books and supplies. I don’t have a pic tho. My son is 7 so its a pretty good size for him.

I can’t post pictures

Use a book shelf with plastic baskets and/or shelf dividers. Or an old Amoire with doors and drawers. If you watch buy sell trade, I’ve seen lots of pool style storage lockers, metal doored shelving, etc. a chalk board and dry ease board comes in really handy on the walk, Also lap size. It’ll save lots of unnecessary paper waste

I’d check out the dashley family on YouTube. They have a pretty nice homeschool room