Can I stop breastfeeding early?

I currently exclusively breastfed my child who is 4 months old. I want to stop breastfeeding because of going back to work and not being able to pump enough for my child. Is it okay to stop so early? If so, how did you transition your child to formula? I’m at a loss.


You don’t ever have to breastfeed, you can stop whenever you want!


You stop whenever is right for you and your baby

I had to quit breast feeding at 3 months. There’s nothing wrong with quitting early or even never breastfeeding at. Do whatever works for yourself and your baby.

I stopped breast feeding my son at 6 weeks. There’s 0 reason you can’t stop breast feeding at any age or not breast feed at all.

I transitioned my son by mixing his breast milk 50/50 with formula for a couple weeks then he got straight formula. That’s what his doctor suggested.


You can do whatever you want to feed your child.

Stop whenever is right for you… As long as baby is fed it doesn’t matter where the milk comes from…


Start giving baby bottle with formula. As soon as baby takes that you can stop.

I dry up quick…I’ve never been able to breast feed for more than 2 months…just switch to formula when your ready to stop…the less stimulation you get from feeding the more your supply will go down…

Do whatever is better for you.

As long as you child is getting fed it does not matter how !

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Start transitioning now, when I stopped at 2 months, id add like 1/2 oz of formula to 1.5 Oz of breastmilk in a bottle, and slowing work your way up to 2 Oz of formula to get her stomach used to the formula. It worked for us, and she has no stomach issues. But that’s just an example Oz wise of course!

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I desperately wanted to breast feed my twins my milk supply never came in and them being premie and needing to eat, I had to let them have formula. They are completely happy healthy and fine. You do you if you need to stop breast feeding because it helps with the stress of going back to work do it. I would suggest reaching out to you pediatrician, they can give you feeding minimums that you need to hit

I only breastfeed 6 weeks that gives them a good start. Just ask the baby doctor what formula to use.

My son weaned himself around 4.5 months because he preferred bottles that he got at daycare. I stated him on formula early though like 6 weeks.

You can stop whenever you like. But if it helps I used too give my daughter formula at daycare and breast feed at home. My son I used to pump and sometimes even go into the daycare at lunch time to feed him

Just start giving the child formula. The child will drink it. I never breastfed once with my daughter. She was a straight formula kid and just fine


Do what you want! Fed is best! I would suggest pumping for a few weeks and do every other bottle formula to get your baby accustomed to something new. But you can just stop cold turkey but in my experience I would suggest pumping less and less every day and not just all of a sudden stop cuz if you do that your boobs are gonna hurt mega bad! Gradual is best for little beings but you are the mother and it is definitely your choice. Good luck!


Start mixing with formula and increase the formula gradually as your baby will allow. Pump and freeze some so you can mix a little in for a few more weeks etc.

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I did with my six month old I just mixed breast milk and formula till there was all formula. That took a few weeks to a month or so.

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