Can kids have bai water?

Have any moms given their kids bai water? My daughter is three and doesn’t drink any kind of juice at all by my choice of not wanting to give her high sugar drinks. Just water and almond milk (my family is allergic to dairy) are all she drinks. Lately, she has wanted to have more flavored drinks and wasn’t sure qhat to give her that didn’t have a lot of sugar in it. What do you guys give your toddlers?


I buy those small bottles of concentrated juice an you have a full cup of water an one squirt of the bottle a little goes a super long way


Put lemon and cucumber slices in a jug of water


Add mio for flavoring to water. 0 sugars


I do infused water a lot or the ICE water - it has little to no sugar and a lot of flavor

My 2 yr old likes fruit water, he actually calls it juice. Obviously you can buy it or make your own fruit infused water.(I have a fruit infuser “fruit jug” in my fridge) juicy juice just came out with flavored water juice boxes, we have orange right now and they’re pretty good.

Body Armor water is the way to go!! They taste like jucey juice !!

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To actually answer your question yes you can give her Bai water. You can also buy fruit(any kind)and make your own. I like watermelon and mint water

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I just mix 2-3 oz apple or orange juice with 5-6 oz water.

Water and milk why do you need anything else.


We did flavored waters using fruit or carbonated flavored water when they got to asking for pop.

My daughter loves the bai drinks!

Bai has caffeine so I wouldn’t recommend it for young ones. My son really just loves all kinds of sparkling water. We just get the Kirkland band! He will run to the fridge and ask for “my sparkle” :joy:

Nestle splash flavored waters


Water with a splash of juice.


My son likes propel. I’m not sure how much sugars in it bc I don’t really care but it’s really yummy so it’s something to look into!


Gatorade Zero or powerade zero

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My littles love propel water :purple_heart:

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So research bai and gas/stomach issues. I used to drink them all the time and couldnt figure out why I was constantly gassy, crampy, and nauseous. All I was drinking was 1 a day and it was making me so sick.

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Water with the Mio water flavoring.