Can my boyfriend put his name on the birth certificate?

I am 8 months pregnant and my boyfriend is not the father of my child. I know who the father is and the father knows as well, but he has told me many times that he wants nothing to do with my or the baby. My boyfriend wants to step up 100% and I want to let him. He wants to raise this child as his own. My question is, can my boyfriend put his name on the birth certificate? Or is there something legal we can do? Please help!


I think it depends on the laws per state…I would ask the hospital

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If the dad doesn’t object at all then yes. But if later on yall break up the bf will have to pay child support…


He can but I wouldn’t let him if it was me.


He’s not the father and should not.


That can cause a whole mess later on if something happens. I wouldnt.


Yes he can… The biological father would have to dispute it if anything.

But your boyfriend should also know that if anything were to happen between y’all, even though the kid isn’t his. He’ll still have ty pay CS because he took responsibility. How it is in KY anyway.

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He shouldn’t do that

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He can sign the birth certificate if he’s present when baby is born, but he must know if he signs the affidavit of paternity that it will be a shit show if something goes down between y’all and he decides he doesn’t want to be there for the child anymore

It’s probably less complicated not to have a father listed on the birth certificate at all. That’s a big responsibility for someone to take on & for you to give away…


how long have you been together for? If you break up he will be responsible for child support. It’s great he wants to step up but he can do that with out being on the birth certificate

He can but don’t. If you split up he’ll be forced to pay child support.

But the dad later may.cause lots of problems

He can, but he definitely shouldn’t

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Yes he can, nothing the bio dad can do later on either


I personally wouldnt …that can cause alot of issues.


I wouldn’t… Just my opinion

You should probably just leave it blank. That way you don’t run into any hiccups down the road

Noooooot a good idea at all.

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