Can my ex come after me for child support?

I’m trying to get divorced from my ex, and I recently had to file for food stamps, in my state if you file for the assistance you have to file for child support. We share our three years old 50/50, so I didn’t want to file in the first place. BUT my ex recently got a lawyer to fight me on the child support, so I closed my case, and we will have the courts decide on an amount if it comes down to it, but my question is: Can he come after ME for child support when I’m a stay at home mom, and I’m four months pregnant (not his baby)? I’m obviously not married to my boyfriend, whom I live with, but can he still come after me?


If he dosent see his kids or kid much or took in for few days then he shouldn’t be…but if he did then it would be 50/50 neways

Whomever has child more will receive child support in most cases. Even if you do t work you can be held liable for your part.


Any parent can file an order for child support against the other parent. It doesn’t mean he will get it. Even if its split 50/50 the person with the lower income can usually get child support.

I thought if 50/50 custody no. You are both sharing time, caring and costs. Not like the child is with one parent more than the other

in most states someone will always pay child support even in a 50/50. whoever as physical custody will get the child support.

No he can not come after you about the baby but make sure you the bio dad on the birth certificate instead of the ex

It all comes down to income in a 50/50 case. He might be screwing himself depending on where you are


In most states the courts will look at it like it takes “X” amount of money to raise a child. If mom makes this much then dad will be expected to pay this much to meet that total.

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It’s based on income when it’s 50/50 if you have a lower income which since your not married to your boyfriend his income won’t play a part so it sounds like you should get the support not him

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He can, if he has the child more.

With you still being married, neither can get child support until the divorce is final. With you being a SAHM, even if the custody agreement is 50/50, you can get child support… not much but some.

Can you get divorced pregnant? Many states you have to wait until the baby is born before getting divorced…

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Whoever has primary custody will receive the child support. You can have shared custody but one must be the primary care giver. Thats how it works in NC anyway. If your not working they will base it on a average of 40 hour week at minimum wage. My Ex got paid under the table and I was working so he was o my ordered to pay 50 bucks a month…its all bullshit but thats the way shit works

If he got a lawyer probably is so he won’t pay for child support, but will still have the same rights as you, most likely will just pay for health insurance, and split days with you.

Anyone can go after anyone, but it doesnt mean it will be granted.

Most states don’t require you to file for child support if you file for food stamps you can also just put on there that he gives you an allotted amount of money and then just ask him to buy that amount of stuff or give you that amount of money and then it’s all good you shouldn’t have to file for child support that’s what I do

Yes he can ! Mine did ! And if he has the child you should be willing to pay it ! If hes taking care of the child !

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Courts won’t care that ur pregnant or have other kids they focus on kid u have with the other parent ur fighting for and I believe 50/50 means that child tax will be split i.dont think u have pay support but things are always changing now.a.days so idk was stupid to lose ur lawyer tho because he got one to fight u for it he will now likely win

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If he has money for a lawyer then he can financially help you care for his child