Can my friend get assistance with a cranial helmet?

I have a close friend who has a 5month old son. She recently found out her son is going to need a cranial helmet. She and her husband are already just getting by, so this news has been extremely hard on her due to the estimated costs involved. Her insurance may not cover anything, and if they do, it’s roughly only paying half. I’m just wondering, does anyone have suggestions on how she can get any sort of assistance to help cover the cost? Thanks for your advice.


They can call hanger clinic or cranial tech in their area or the place they were referred to and ask about financial assistance. My sons insurance covered his completely but there are things you have to do before they cover it like physical therapy and their head measurements have to be greater than a specific number for the flatness in order to cover it.

Can she apply for medical assistance for the child ? That may be able to cover 100%? Just a suggestion

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Shriners help, apply for state medical, see if a church will help or see if a restaurant can do a fundraiser night. Get some people together and do a silent auction.

She might be able to get state medical assistance as a secondary insurance. When my daughter got her helmet she was on state insurance and they covered all the costs

Start a go fund me find out how many of your Facebook friends are willing to help even with $5 every bit helps . Also research for Medical Schools if you are willing to go that route , you will be getting the best care possible and the newest ideas because they have to meet very strict requirements .

United children’s foundation will help pay for it also. She will just have to go online and fill out an application to see if she is approved

Melissa Lukens any advice on this? Figured maybe you might know…

Make sure she does her research, especially if it’s for ‘flathead syndrome’

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Have they applied for SSI for baby?

Have them contact the local department of aging and disability, they would know of resources that could help them.

What does the doctor say??? :woman_facepalming: check your state. Check GOOGLE! :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:

Not sure of the condition the child needs the helmet for but perhaps it’s similar to my child needing a helmet as well? My son was born at 26 weeks due to a severe early on case of preeclampsia. Me having a very small amount of amniotic fluid caused my little one to be born with torticollis which led to plagiocephaly and pretty severe deformation of his head. Because it did not affect him mentally my insurance would not cover the cost or treatment of helmet even though doctors highly recommended it because it was considered cosmetic(only affecting looks) but in reality affected alot more(glasses not sitting on face because one ear was way back and the other way up, the roof of his mouth was so high that it affected his breathing and sleeping and so many other things) so after years and years(11 to be exact)of visits to different specialists for this and that I am pleased and thankful to say that without the helmet my sons head grew to be unnoticeable misshaped with a certain haircut and most of the medical issues have disappeared over time. Hopefully this helps.

I would contact the billing department to see if they qualify for assistance.

I am just curious because my son had a cranial helmet. Insurance paid 100% because it was not considered to be cosmetic. It is all on the coding at the Doctor. Have a serious conversation with the Doctor. Without the helmet not only will it cause a deformed head but it can cause issues with eyes which is a medical need not cosmetic. We went to Mayo Clinic. Contact a Social Worker through the hospital


My grandson just got a helmet and it was definitely considered cosmetic so Tricare covered nothing. They applied for a grant and had to prepay with a credit card and wait for grant approval.

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It depends on their insurance. Ours wanted a second opinion. If insurance won’t cover, they can probably do a payment plan (it was an option for us at Cranial Technologies)

Insurance should cover the cost . It’s medically necessary .

Try shriners they may be able to help

Check with Akron Children’s Hospital. They may be able to help you.