Can my husband be taken off child support?

Please post anonymously. My husband has been on child support for a while now; the mother put him on child support just to make him mad(she has told me). We were fine seeing him as usual; then, out of nowhere, she said we were not going to see him anymore and pretty much blocked us on everything. We haven’t seen his kids for over two years, so my question is, can he go to the courthouse or child support office if he doesn’t want to pay child support anymore? And what does he have to do if he can? And I know don’t if some states you can or can’t, but we live in Texas.


Yes, when HIS KIDS turn eighteen.


Why isn’t he fighting to see the kid instead??? If he’s paying child support what is he worried about???


She cant bar him from his kids. That’s so incredibly wrong and he should have taken her to court 2 years ago when she stopped following visitation. As for stopping payment on child support that’s a big fat no.


Laws vary from state to state. Asking here opens up more confusion.

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Are you freaking serious?!!! NO. They are still HIS kids and half of HIS responsibility whether he sees them or not. She can’t legally bar him from seeing them. So rather than trying to focus on the money, focus on taking her to court for a custody arrangement! I can’t believe that even needed to be said. :roll_eyes:🤦

Almost certain that he can NOT quit paying child support. He helped create those kids, he is financially responsible to help raise the kids. He CAN though petition the court for court ordered visitation, and force her to allow him to see the kids, unless she can prove seeing him would be detrimental to the children…but that still won’t get him out of paying child support.


Wow he helped make the kids, he has a responsibility to help financially provide for them. Kids are not cheap.


He will keep having to pay child support until his kids are 18. The only way he won’t have to pay is if he signs away his rights. If you guys want to see the kids go to court to enforce visitation.


There is not a single person who will keep me from seeing my child. Your husband isn’t trying hard enough. If he wanted to see his children then he would. He should be paying child support. He’s still their dad even if he doesn’t make sure he sees them

a parent that is ordered to pay child cant stop paying, no court will allow that no matter the state, as far as visitation he should get her back in court


He has kids !? Then he should pay support whether he is active in their lives or not! I find it sad that you’re asking if he can go to court to not pay support but are not asking if he can go to court to get visits with his children! He cannot stop support until the children are 18 years of age but he can request visits. Whether she stated that support was just to piss him off or not he should pay for his children period.

Yeah when kid/ kids turn 18,and only then if they don’t continue with their education.


Check your state website about law on child support and parent rights…

She can’t keep the kids from him. That’s a violation of court order if there is one. Since he is paying child support I assume there is a court order. Until the kids are 18 he has to pay support.


And that I am almost positive is in every state.

Go to court for visitation & no he will have to pay child support until the child or children are 18 if they are still in school after they turn 28 he still has to pay child support until they graduate. If any of them quit school before 18 I believe then child support will be discontinued. BUT that is the law in the state I live in anyway

No… he can go to court for visitation.

Child support is a complete must. It’s not those kids fault he made them, they deserve to be supported. Shes in the wrong for taking his kids BUT he needed to fight to get visitation years ago. This is his battle. He should have got visitation enforced years ago instead of wanting to stop helping support them.


okay think about it people she put him on child support and then ran so he doesn’t get to see his child doesn’t know where the child is but paying child support on him. So I’m sorry he should be going to court stating he needs visitation or he’s not paying child support I’m sorry if you took my child away and I couldn’t see the child but yet you want me to pay for it I don’t think so