Can my job legally deny me hazard pay?

I need some advice or guidance. I am currently five months pregnant with my 4th baby. I am also an essential worker during this corona fiasco. I have asked my company if they will be giving me some type of hazardous pay since I am considered a “high risk” worker. My company denied me. Can they do that? Is it not in the law somewhere that a company has to give some type of incentive during a pandemic for “high risk” people??


I don’t think so… but it probably also depends where you live…

No and most other essential workers are not receiving hazard pay either.


I don’t think it’s a law that your employee has to give hazard pay… ask your doctor if they think you should be off work, if they do, they can give you FMLA.


Yes they can deny you. Not everyone is getting hazard pay for work they are doing even nurses & RTs working with Covid19 patients right in their faces.


I don’t think they have to give you hazard pay , if your considered high risk and don’t come to work they cannot fire you I think that’s it unfortunately.

Albertsons workers are getting hazard pay and my mom working at Alvarado Eye associates in San Diego, CA got hazard pay. 2.50$

I’m not sure where about you live but I know in the UK unless your over 28 weeks you are still to work as normal after your 2 weeks isolation period! I know it’s very scary, I’m 32 weeks pregnant and I am off work until after maternity now but if I was under the 28 weeks I’d have to go back or take government sick pay. Just take extra persuasions and ask them to keep your contact with other people to minimum eg not going on a till etc x

They don’t have to give you hazard pay.

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Pregnancy isn’t classed as high risk.


i’m an essential employee and my pay is still the same.

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No they don’t have to. And not very many places are offering it.


Yes they can deny you. It’s based off each company if they want to give you hazard pay. No law for that. Keep yourself safe.

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No but if you’re worried there’s a law where you have the option to self quarantine and they have to give you your job back after.


You have the right to refuse unsafe work though

Per the documents sent to my boss about this, there is no obligation. The only this is if you contract it and out gor 2 weeks they will have to pay. -CA

No. You can take a leave of absence. Talk to your obgyn.

No they don’t have to give you hazard pay unless it’s in your contract

You need to speak with your Ob… get a letter from her and then you will not have to go to work- you will have to take FMLA

Nope. Im an essential employee and we arent getting any type of hazard pay. It is not required by law for them to give you hazard pay. Your “incentive” is that you still have your job. A lot of people unfortunately do not have their jobs right now at all.

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