Can my landlord kick us out over us letting our parents live here? He said it was fine

Me and my S/O have been renting for the past 2 years from our landlord, when we first moved in he told us that we could sub-rent, so we get a roommate one of my S/Os friends, long story short stuff started coming up missing so he left, fast forward to the beginning of this year. My parents needed a place to stay so we let them move in bc the landlord said we could sub-rent and they’re my parents, anyway they’ve been living here for 6 months, every time my S/O pays the rent the landlord wants to know when they are leaving, he’s said " I said you could have a roommate not another family" its literally my mom and dad that’s 2 it would be no different if our pervious roommate moved his gf in while he lived here. Ok, my landlord doesn’t like my dad bc they worked together 20 years ago. So that’s the whole issue. So basically I’m asking if he can just kick us out bc he doesn’t like me dad, I know in my state a landlord has to give residents 90 days to find a new place


Yep unless u have it in writing u can sub-rent

Unless you have written proof that states you can sub-rent, yes he can

Do you have it in writing you can sub-rent? Cause if not he can kick you out for not following the lease. Now if you have it in writing then if he tries to evict you for that then you can fight it but he could make any excuse to evict you so be careful.

Well i was gunna answer but i was just going to sau what they all said :rofl:

He can anyway, it’s his house. As long as he gives you appropriate notice.

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What does your lease say? If you have nothing in writing your screwed. Even if you have a text that is in writing. Also, check your states laws as far as how long he can give you to vacate

Depends on what the lease says. If it doesn’t state you can have another family in the Unit with you then yes he can make you leave.

It’s been 6 months. If he hasn’t done anything yet I’m not sure he will. But just to be safe your parents should probably find a different place to stay

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If your lease agreement states you can sub-lease, you should be okay. If he does evict you, you may be able to go to court for discrimination. Not sure though. Just read over your states landlord/tenant laws and your lease. Good luck.

He can kick you out. Yes he has to give you notice. But if you get a seven day notice you need to get out because then you’ll have a cop at your door n they will force you out that day

If he gives you notice and they aren’t on a lease, probably he can. His property, his rules. He can rent to whoever he chooses. I’d call a lawyer in your area for a free consult to see what your rights are.

If he is trying to evict just because he doesn’t like your dad that would be against the non discriminatory policy that most landlords are required to follow. If that were the case you would have a leg to stand on if there were any eviction hearing. If it’s in writing then legally they can stay there.

He will have to take you to court, which usually takes 45 days !

Room mate (1)
Not room mates (more than one)


Basically your landlord can put you out unless it is in your contract that says you can sub let.

I would just want to find somewhere else to live.Why deal with a mean landlord ?


Laws vary by state, best bet is to contact a lawyer

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Usually you’re allowed “guests” up to two weeks. After two weeks they need to be put on the lease or leave. So the answer to your question is yes you can get evicted.


If you have in your lease that you are allowed to have roommates, he can kiss sand, but if your lease is month to month, he can terminate it at anytime he wants for any reason with the proper notice.