Can people suggest cute g names for girls?

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Genevieve is my all time favorite g name for a girl… She can go by gigi genni vievie… It feels versatile to me.


My daughter’s name is Gianna Marie! Always loved that name! :purple_heart:


I just asked my 9 year old son a name that starts with “G”? He said Garen instead of Karen :grin:
I’m thinking not!


My girl is Catherine Grace and we intended to call her Gracie but went with Catie Grace. I love the name Grace. I also like Grayson for a girl (I love girls named boy names).


I have a friend named Genevieve and I’ve always thought that was a really pretty name


I always wanted a “boy’s name” if I had a daughter. So when I had one, we named her Brianna, she goes by (nicknamed) Ryan :slightly_smiling_face:

My daughters are Rorey Joe and Avygail Braleigh. I loved the name Southern for a girl though!

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I get many compliments on my name, and I told my Mom about them. every chance I got up to a year ago PS: middle name is Joyce, after Mom:))

I heard this name and I thought it was cute and different… julieonka


My daughter is Maci Grace. We started calling her Grace at some point. Then my boss gave her the nickname Gracie Mae. It’s stuck ever since everyone love it. I also like Georgia or Giada pronounced (johnna)like the chef. I’ve heard Gracelyn too.

I knew a girl who named her daughter, Graham. My sons name is Graham, but I like it for either sex.

Greta was a name I loved but was used before my daughter was born. Genna, Gillian, Giada, Gwen, Grace are other G names

My cousin has 4 boys. All start with Gr
If she had a girl iy was gonna be greer

My daughter’s name is Gia Jolene, we gets lots of compliments on how unique and pretty her name is


Does anyone know where the name Gidget came from without google???

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I have a good friend named Glenna - a very original and beautiful name.

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Giselle…but my granddaughter’s name is spelled Gyzelle. Not very common at all.


My mom is Ginger not very modern but cute on a red head like my mom

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Geraldine, it’s an old name but I like it a lot. My name is as Jeraldine as well(my mom speller it wrong ‘J’ instead of ‘G’)

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