Can people suggest cute irish girl names?

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Nelda! My daughter is a Nelda and goes by Nellie :slightly_smiling_face:

Feyre… it’s English, but I love it. Pronounced Fay-rah.

Céilí (pronounced Kaylee…means celebration)

Aisling say ASHLING It means dream.

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Ena - Irish Gaelic for little fire :two_hearts:


I named one daughter Kennedi and my other daughter’s name is Ireland :ireland: I think that’s an Irish name lol

Aisling which is Irish Gaelic for dream or vision

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Rósie(pronounced Ro-Sha) is a name that my husband and I both REALLY loved because of his Irish roots, but we ended up going with something else that was family related that we loved more. :heart:

Quinn, Alannah, Molly some of my faves

Aoife pronounced “eefa”

Alish i love that name from the movie Brooklyn !!

My 11 yo name is Irish. 10yo Dubhlinn 7yo is clover 6yo is traleigh

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My daughters name is Ryan and it has been nothing but awesome! She’s 9 and loves it!

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Niamh (neev or nee-iv)

I have a Caitlin such a pretty girls name

Eva, Róisín, Orlaith, fiadh, Cara, Clodagh, Éireann, Kyra, Kelleyanne,

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Ciara and Shauna… :green_heart:

Kalleigh :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Or spell it Callie