Can people suggest healthy pregnancy snacks?

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Veggies , fruit , salads , smoothies

Apples with peanut butter

I loved fruit with Greek yogurt and granola when I was pregnant. But I would say just follow your cravings. Baby knows what they want/need.

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Whole grain toast (the one with like 12 grains) with avocado. Or PB and J whole grain toast

My go to was apple slices with cheddar cheese

I looved carrots and ranch, Greek vanilla yogurt with granola, pickles, and apples with peanut butter.

grapes, cream cheese with cut up green olives mixed in with wheat thins

While I was pregnant I didn’t have any “healthy snacks” I craved Wendy baked potato with cheese or butter and chives and McDonald’s McCracken sandwiches and I still didn’t gain that much weight at all.

fruit…yogurt if you can…Salads…I was told to just eat normal and exercise and try and get as much protein in a day you can. Just remember moderation. Ys you are pregnant but you dont want to overeat.

Cucumbers, nuts, yogurt, peanut butter and apples, bananas, graham crackers, birch bender waffles, rice snacks. Get on Pinterest and look up healthy snacks. I bet you find a lot more on there :slightly_smiling_face: