Can post partum depression come in waves?

Hi mamas out there, I have a question. Can postpartum depression come in waves months after baby? Baby is four months old, and some days I’m so happy, having good days at work, and some days I lay in my room, and I just want to cry my eyes out. Feel so lonely too, stressed out, worthless, and then I kinda take it out on my other babies. Working full time while trying to take care of all housework, breastfeeding, and everything else just makes me feel more like an object than a wanted person you know. Is there something wrong with me?


Talk with your doctor!

It could be . Talk with your OB they will be able to help you

You can develop signs of Postpartum up to a year after having baby. Definitely speak with your Dr if you are struggling


And no there is nothing wrong with you! Having a baby is a HUGE deal! Your body has been through something really life changing. It is completely normal to struggle emotionally after having a baby. :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: Definitely speak to your Dr. And Congratulations on baby!!!


Sounds like what my daughter is going through

You have a lot on your plate. Of course you don’t feel your best at times. Postpartum is very real and can happen at any time after a birth. But what I can see, you are doing a great job! Things will get better in time. Give yourself a break once in a while, take a long hot bath when you have time. Live one day at a time and enjoy your bundle of joy (and sadness). :slight_smile:

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It most Definately can come in waves. It takes a long time for your body, mind and hormones to regulate. Talk with your Dr, eat well and get as much rest as possible. And always remember your baby doesn’t need a perfect mom, but a happy mom. Yourr doing great and the fact you’re self aware makes all the difference. Good luck to you

What about 10 years after… Or is that just called stress by then?:woman_shrugging: Lol I feel like this even now. My children are 11, 5 and 4. Not only are they my bundles of joy, but bundles of circus animals. :joy::sob::sweat_smile: But I try to just stay busy with them as much as possible school activities, sports etc… and myself but then it’s to the point I don’t know how to even relax anymore. Idk, but I totally feel you about being lonely and feeling like an object! I’ve tried doctors there’s no help for me. Their medicines didn’t work for me that way. I just find my own ways to cope even if they seem odd or different and made myself realize I just find my happiness through my children. I love art so I draw or paint whenever I can it helps ease my mind. Hobbies help. I wind down to a movie late at night to myself even if I’m tired it just feels like I’m getting to do something I want to do even if it’s by myself. I don’t have friends to do things with but I realize I don’t have to. I can find things to do on my own that makes me happy.

You are normal. Feeling that way is not your fault. Your body created a tiny human. You went through SO many changes in a very short amount of time and all of the outside pressure makes your internal transitions even more challenging. Thank you for being vulnerable and talking about it, bottling it up or stuffing it down and trying to deal with it on your own only makes it worse. Find safe, supportive people to keep talking to and rest when you can :heartpulse:

I know how you feel . I been there when I get birth to my youngest son. Talk to your doctor . But also if you have closed friends and family members who are willing to help you emotionally and with house chores. That also can be a big difference.

There is nothing wrong with you it’s absolutely normal. Consult your doctor to make sure it does progress but remember being a mom is the only thing that you were put on this earth to do and you’re doing that with added achievements. Being a mother is the absolute hardest task on earth and feeling overwhelmed is 100% ok. Take time for yourself, breathe and forget other daily tasks every once in a while just to enjoy your babes. Just know you’re doing your best and that’s what matter :heart::kiss: good luck

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I wouldn’t label it as coming in waves. There are days that you can be fully functional while still having ppd. Talk with your doctor and look into other ways to cope instead of “taking it out” on anyone. Give yourself a time out. Put off something that can wait. Breathe. Go for a walk. It’s frustrating having these feelings and feeling powerless against them but sometimes just letting yourself feel them for a set amount of time and then carrying on with your day can help. Also, as long as the children are fed and not in danger, there’s nothing wrong with laying in bed for most of the day. Throw on a family comedy and make it a movie day with the kids.

100% yes. Talk to your doctor or a counselor asap

There is nothing wrong with you, and to answer your question yes it can come in waves.

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yes it can come in waves just like regular depression…

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Nope, 6 months in full time working breastfeeding/pumping during work mom here. It’s completely normal! Some days I wanna cry in my car at lunch and other days I feel like I’m crushing the working mom/wife game. I think getting sleep is the main issue at this point, our little still only sleeps 1-2hr stretches at night which doesn’t help when you’re stressed.


Yes it can happen. I just think your trying to do to much at once with no help. Which makes you extra stressed out. I know the feeling. Hope your day gets better.

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It can last up to a year off and on and longer if u had depression from before or u develop regular depression after u has baby then postpartum is a world wind sorry ur going through u can speak to ur doc. About a temporary solution that will last


4 yrs later. My depression is coming in waves. However ive had depression since i was 11. Im pretty sure this is just my normal depression.

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