Can someone give me some advice on what to do after positive pregnancy test?

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Ring the docs and they should book you in for an early bird session were you gonalong do a little class, do paperwork, weight height etc. Then wait for your first midwife app6x

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If you make an appointment with your gp they can advise on all your options going forward, including counselling services if you are struggling with your situation x

Decide what your plan of action is. Call the doctor for some blood work. Ultrasound.ect.

I phoned gp and they book me to see midwife filled in paper then went to a class

Sleep as much as possible because fast forward 9 months you won’t get any :joy:


Depends if you want to keep it and its good news?if it is, try and ignore it for the 1st couple of months. Believe me.

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Depends: you want that child? Talk to your partner, go to your gynecologist. You don’t? Have an abortion or give that child to be adopted.


Go to a Dr and get checked out

Sit down and think about what you want…

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If you are in the UK then you should make a self referral to the midwives ASAP. They can help you with your next steps, even if you don’t want to keep the baby they can help x

Yeah close your legs next time


I would say some doctors will tell you to call the midwife and them not to book you one app with midwife

Joking. Ring your doctor and they’ll get you in contact with a midwife around 10 weeks etc xx