Can someone I kiss tell I am wearing dentures?

Good morning anonymous member would like to find out something personal I have dentures due to being involved in an accident. However, I have been chatting with this guy for over a year, and now he wants to meet me. I know that he would try to kiss me, and just wondering if I should worry if he will feel that I’m wearing it as I don’t feel I’m ready to tell him.


I really feel like he wouldn’t know. Don’t stress and go for the kiss!

If he really likes you he will see past that I know it be hard to tell him but it’s best to be honest he will probably be absolutely fine with it xx


Actually not really I’ve been with someone with dentures and I couldn’t even tell

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My ex boyfriend who I dated for 4 years has dentures top and bottom and I never could tell when we kissed. I found out cuz he told me.

I’ve had dentures since 19 and my husband could never tell I had them

No you can’t I have them and fiancee has never said anything

My boyfriend of a year didnt find out till recently i had them. So no you can not tell

As long as you wear pollygrip or something ( to stop them moving) he won’t be able to tell

My husband says no, I have denture’s n unless they r like licking ur teeth n roof of your mouth lol they will not notice :slight_smile:


No you can’t tell. I didn’t know my boyfriend had them for the first 6 months we were together.

My husband has dentures and never wore his bottom ones. I never knew until he told me a few months into us dating.

If you know what you are looking for, you can tell. Most people can’t however.

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My fiance has them, honestly when he wear’s them I can tell but I met him before he got them so I’m used to him with out. And plus he won’t know unless he’s all up in your grill :joy:

Yes they are extra smooth on your tongue

I have them… so yes he will be able to tell. If he likes you then it shouldnt matter.

He won’t know the difference. If they fit right they should stay in place. Don’t even worry about it


I would tell him about the accident and the fact that you were injured and now you wear dentures. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.
I have scars on my body that are quite obvious so I’d tell a guy beforehand… that way it won’t be a surprise when he sees them. But that’s just me.


In all honesty, he will probably be able to tell anyway. Don’t sweat it! He should care about YOU, not your scars from accidents.


Tell him tho… imagine marrying the guy and he finds teeth in the bathroom and he still doesn’t know…