Can someone suggest how to manage sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy?

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transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation iE a TENS UNIT
TENS units may help treat the following symptoms

period pain
labor pain
postoperative pain
joint pain
neck and back pain


When I had lower back pain the chiropractor had me do this one stretch were you arch your back like a cat would do

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Alternating ice and heat accompanied with some yoga like stretching is about all that works for me. Literally stretching many many times a day too. One stretch that helps a lot is while standing put your foot on opposing knee and try to press the crossed over knee back. You’ll feel it in the lower back stretching. Kinda like making a wing with your leg across the other leg.


I thought mine was my sciatica but turns out my son was on a nerve


Have it checked out. It might not be sciatic. I thought mine was, but it turned out to sacroiliac inflammation.

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I have sciatica in general then had the pregnancy sciatica I took my normal muscle relaxer they did make me stop taking it a months before my due date but if u don’t normally have it or have muscle relaxers u can take an ibuprofen and tynole arthritis daily

I was sent to chiro and had a maternity belt to wear and also did extra stretches during the day when I could and laying on the ground rolling on a tennis ball where it hurt the most they finally put me on bed rest at 6 months

Im not pregnant but have that problem. I sit on a warm heating pad as much as I can. It does ease it some.

My daughter JUST went through this. Bounce on a big ball and get on your hands and knees. She got INSTANT relief! Furthermore the baby shifted and the pain didn’t return. PLEASE TRY THIS! Bless your heart!

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Find a chiropractor. It will also help with an easier birth.


I youtubed some exercises that helped.

Find a really great chiropractor.


Try Deep Blue muscle rub from doTERRA

Lie on your side with a pillow between your legs.


Walking helped mine, recommended by my Dr

Medically that’s a question for your OB/GYN. You might see if there are videos on YouTube for stretches to help with sciatic pain during pregnancy. That too should be ok’d by your doctor.

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Dit on a yoga all and nothing else

A maturity belt can help so much