Can step parents get visitation?

How many stepmoms have visitation w their stepchildren??? Is it strange to have?? My bf of 10 yrs is moving out and taking his boys; he signed an agreement w me so I can visit w the boys I have helped raise they are 12 and 19


I think it’s nice if you can do that I’ve never been in this situation the 19 yo is considered an adult so I don’t think would need court orders etc?


If they want to see you and you raised them, no it is not weird. You have been a motherly figure to them for 10 years.


I’m still close with my ex boyfriends daughters, even the ones who are under 18, but it’s difficult to see my stepsons since they’re younger.

Im pretty sure yes. I know someone who gets visitation with their (ex) step children

My husband still sees his exes daughter and we’ve been together for ten years. She’s not biologically his but he helped raise her and helps support her still. She’s one of my kids too. I pick her up for school everyday and take her back home when schools out, and my kids call her their sister. It’s not weird at all🤷🏼‍♀️


My friend and her wife of 5 years got divorced and they got joint custody. The children were her wife’s from a previous relationship, but my friend had been there primary caregiver since the divorce.

The oldest is 19 and can make their own choice. As for the other child, as long as dad still allows it. Signing a piece of paper doesn’t mean anything. It won’t hold up in court if he decided to not let you see them anymore. Stepparents have been known to get visitation after a divorce, but it the courts eyes a stepparent and a bf/gf are not the same thing.


I have an almost 20 year old who continued to spend summers with me for six years, then moved to live near me when he graduated. Not all kids are lucky enough to get that kind of relationship with their “not” parent. If you have it…embrace it.


I kept mine I’ve raised them since 6 months and a year and a half. He left 6 years later. I dont think there any different than my own children and filed for gaurdenship and my divorce and there adoption is almost complete. I dont think that it’s strange at all.


I still see my bonus kids


I love it! You raised them for so Long!

When me And my bf broke Up, my daughter was 2.5 years old. She Called him dad. At first hè thought it was better for her to stay away buy after 4 months She still missed him & hè missed her So hè wanted to talk to me about seeing her, have a visitation and I was all For it. They loved each other before hè & I where a couple. I always said she choose her own father. We ended Up back together (its been 7 years since) but even it that didn’t happen, I would have them have there time together as much as possible. I could not have Done a better job then she did, choosing him as her father, i rather had him in her life alone as her dad then not at all.


My dad has passed and I live with my step mom she is like my real mom i am 23 moving out but I’ll take her over my bio mom any day


The 19 year old Is of legal age and is considered an adult unless hes disabled and his dad is his legal guardian ordered by a court to take care of him. The other one I think u can but idk.

Na you got no rights smh 🤦


My guy still sees his step kids it’s not in writing but they see each other every other weekend same as his son

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Unfortunately it’s just a piece of paper that wont hold up in court, so if he decides to not let the 12 yr old see you, theres probably not much you can do since you aren’t legally married, ( I was in a similar situation in the past) you legally have no rights to the kids… However the 19 yr old can make his own decisions and can see you of he so chooses… I hope everything works out…


I would absolutely want visits with mine if anything happened. I don’t think it’s weird at all


My daughter’s ex step Mom still takes her for weekends a few times a year. She gets to see her brother and sister when she’s there. I think its up to the individual and think its wonderful that you still want to be in their lives. Legally, you won’t have a leg to stand on if your ex says you can’t see 12yr old but he has no say in what the 19yr old does.


I hope so. They’ve been your babies for 10 years :frowning:

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