Can teething make a baby seem sick?

My baby is almost five months and has all the signs of teething. Fussiness, waking more often, generally uncomfortable, drooling, gnawing at everything. I’m concerned because I can’t tell if he is sick or just teething. He has a small cough but no fever or congestion. He has been acting more lethargic and generally uncomfortable and uneasy. I’m a first-time mom, so any help would be appreciated. I did take him to the doctor, and they couldn’t test for much because of the virus going around and didn’t give me a clear answer just said to bring him back if he spikes a fever or has trouble breathing. It was an on-call doctor, not my regular ped as she is out for the week. Teething didn’t even cross my mind until my mom mentioned it. Can teething cause your baby to seem sick and cough? Or should I be more concerned that he has a cold?


Sounds like teething

Call your Dr right away. He will tell you what to do.

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Teething can make your baby seem sick and cry a lot but to be on the safe side call the Dr.

That sounds normal. My son would even get a bit feverish and red in the cheeks when he’s teething.

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My son gets a runny nose gets vary fussy when he is teething gets a rash on his butt because he poops so much

Usually with teething they can get a fever. The fever is at the forehead. They do cry and have diarrhea too. A virus fever will cause the whole body to be hot not just their head. If the baby is coughing and lethargic then something else is going on.


Teething is definitely a possibility give baby a warm bath & use Mattys chest rub it will help relax and breath ur has chamomile & lavender

yes! motrin or tylenol will make them more comfortable

Yeah because your body’s ears,nose,and throat are all connected so whenever something happens to one of those areas,usually the others are to follow… so whith teething,you get fevers,ear infections,runny and congested noses and sore throat from all the drainage

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As long as he doesn’t have a fever he’s fine. And even then most babies get fever with teething. Try Tylenol.

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Yes,sounds like teething,he may even have some diarrhea.Give him baby tylenol(off brand is fine)and something to chew on.I also gave my kids pedilite popsicles.To numb,and hydrate.You can buy stuff to numb the gums,also.Some coughing and nose running is normal.

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My doc suggesting giving half a dose of Tylenol, if it works then it’s likely teething :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Babies can start teething at ten weeks so look it up

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Yes when they teeth they do get sick from time to time especially the first once

Couging nose running all over body fever diarrhoea and are all normal symptoms of teething babies who get it bad are completely miserable. Baby panadol will help and something to chew on a baby tooth brush with bonjella is great as it helps to cut the gums while numbing at the same time

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Yes. When my son was teething he would run fevers and not want to eat because his mouth hurt so bad. I ended up getting a Baltic amber anklet and necklace. We also called his pediatrician and got the right dose for his weight and age. Nurse hotlines can help with dosage for tylenol

nobody wants to hear it but take some whiskey put it on your finger and rub it on his gums if he gets better he’s teething…

Exactly same as my 5 month old…

My kids got an ear infection with every new tooth… coincidence maybe but mine were sick everytime…