Can the IUD make you gain weight?

I had an IUD placed nearly two years ago. I steadily gained 45 lbs over the course of a year after getting it. I work out regularly and eat pretty good most days. I never worked out prior to IUD. Did anyone else gain weight with IUD? Did it come back off after having IUD removed? I’ll be having a hysterectomy.


Yes with mirena … got it taken out and had a baby lol then got a copper one and have been steadily losing weight

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Following. I got mirena end of july. Debating keeping it or getting the hysterectomy.

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Paragard doesnt. I’m assuming hormonal birth control/IUD always has a risk of weight gain.

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I only had it a short time but it made me swell and gain weight fast! Took it out and it came right off

I did very bad! Like within the few months!! It also moved out of place on me.

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I have mine on for 9 years now and its copper…and never had weight gain problem…

I always have extra weight when on BC. Everytime I’m not it falls off. Its one side effect I ALWAYS have no matter the BC.

I have Mirena and same here. And having an impossible time losing weight.

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I gained about 30lbs with the Mirena

Had my mirena 3 yrs now. Gained 50lbs the first year. Have finally managed to drop 15 but that’s it.

Same with Mirena. Just got it taken out and trying to get the weight off. :confused:

Yep! At least with the Mirena.

I didn’t gain weight from that… I gained weight by eating to much. I say that because I lost the weight after changing my eating habits :slight_smile:

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I had Mirena for the last 3 years and I have steadily been 180-185lbs i cant lose weight but I haven’t gained any either so I got it taken out. Im hoping that breaks the cycle and I can start losing weight

I got pregnant on paraguard due anyday now with baby boy

I lost 120lbs with it…

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Don’t get Nexplanon
Unless u want anger rage and depression
Weight gain

Depo causes weight gain mawelling and depression

Mirena as well. Gained 20 lbs at least. This is some bullsh** seeing these posts. Wish I had seen them sooner.

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I actually lost weight with the Mirena
I was 135 when i got it and lost 25 pounds