Can they do anything for a possibly broken finger?

I jammed my finger really hard last night against a kitchen chair, like stubbing your toe but my middle finger. It hurt a lot when I did it, like the pain that makes you sweat and breathe heavy, then it was sore but not too bad. Woke up this morning to it being more swollen, difficult to bend, very sore to use. As I do things throughout the day, it gets more swollen and bends less and less. The only finger splint I can find is too short. Is there any point to being seen for this or is it just something to let heal?


Popsicle sticks and tape


Put a plaster or a bandage around your middle finger and the one next to it and wrap them together

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Buddy wrap it to your ring finger. That’s what we do in the ER.


I jammed my middle finger a month ago by falling in the shower. I splinted it with medical tape and a popsicle stick but only for a few days. After a few days it still hurt to bend but I didn’t want it to get stiff. To this day it still hurts and feels bruised. It wouldn’t hurt to get an xray. I xrayed mine at work to rule out a break.


Tape it to index or ring finger with medical tape. Just keep an eye on it and if gets worse or doesn’t seem right go get it checked. Never know how much damage you’ve actually done

I wouldn’t go to the doctor. If it’s jammed then we always pulled really hard on the finger to try to get it to pop. It usually takes a couple of times. Once it popped it started to feel better. I’m no doctor and this may be terrible advice but that’s what I’ve always done and I taught my boys to do that. Hope it helps

You could have more than a broken finger. You should get it checked out.

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I’ve been in the medical field for quite some time (not a medical provider) and in the years that I’ve worked urgent care and doctors offices, generally all they will do is buddy tape it to the next finger to stabilize it until it heals, since you can’t find a splint to fit it. Ice it and alternate Tylenol and Motrin, every 4-6 hours (as needed). They will help with the pain and the Motrin will help with the swelling.

Yes, GO TO DOC. U can have a fracture or badly injured. If u don’t splint, may get finger drop

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All you can do is tape it to another finger

They have splits at the drug store

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I accidently punched a kitchen chair once and did that to my pinky finger. I thought it was broke too. Just a really bad sprain and bruising which the hospital said can actually be more painful and take longer to heal than a break. Just wrap it and take ibuprofen. Ice it too

November 7th, 2020 my right ring finger got caught against my dogs harness and she took off…I tried to grab her and she then pushed up against my finger and it felt swollen and numb and I didn’t think anything of it but it was actually broken. I went to the orthopedic and the only thing he could do was put some pins in it if I wanted him too. I didn’t feel the need to really under go two surgeries…but they did give me a nice finger slip that fits my ring finger I can wrap for protection and hope that it will heal on its own.

pad a paddlepop stick, place between infured finger and next finger and strap them both together with stick in between.

I did this to my middle finger like two months ago and it’s still not right but for the first couple days I just taped it to the finger next to it until it was less tender.

They won’t really do anything. I had 2 fingers broken playing softball I’m high-school and I just tapped them. That’s all a doctor will do. So save yourself the time and money and just go buy athletic tape at Walmart and buddy tape it.

Yes. I broke my finger pretty bad and they had to mold my finger and put a finger cast on it (I guess that’s what you call it!!

I broke mine with a fall on my porch . I did the popsicle thing for two weeks then finally got it X-rayed it was a bad brake pins put in 6 wks of physical therapy and it is still not straight pinky finger .

Honestly they won’t do anything even if it’s broken unless it goes up into your hand so the best thing to do is to splint it. If you can’t find a factory made splint that fits try 4 popsicle sticks cut to size, smooth side down, one on each side of your finger and some medical tape or honestly any tape will do. If you can still move it even if it is difficult then it is less likely to be broken. Hope this helps. Good luck