Can they kick us out in a week?

Last December 2019, we (my s/o, our son, and I)moved into a house that my s/o mother owns, but his father collects the rent. I’ve paid my rent every month on time. I pay $750 a month, so this November 2020, I only had $510 to give him. I told him that whatever I owed when I get taxes, I will pay it all off, he agreed. So it’s December 2020, and I have $314 to give him; he came to my house to get it, but I wasn’t home, and I had the money with me, so he started telling my s/o about it. Then when I came home, I put the money in an envelope and put it in my mailbox for him. He came ringing the doorbell one time after the other, didn’t even give us time to get to the door, and tried walking in, but the door was locked. Then he started yelling at me, and I started crying (I’m 23 weeks pregnant), and he said if we don’t have the money by the end of the week were getting kicked out :sob::sob::sob: am I overreacting for saying that if they kick us out, they can’t see their grandkids?


I don’t think he can kick you out like that without a proper eviction notice.


They have to give 30 days notice


Have to have a notice and I think you get a longer notice due to being pregnant


They can’t evict right now due to covid i belive but u should research. And if he gunna be like that i wouldn’t let him around my family at all.


Definitely do NOT put the grandkids in the middle! He would need to give notice, but maybe he misunderstood the taxes thing. The way I read it was that you would give him what was lacking in November rent when you got your taxes…not that you would also not be able to pay December until then.


They can’t just kick you out. They have to give due notice. Pay them what you owe. This is why family should never rent to family or friends.


Do you have a lease or written agreement? Cause that’ll answer a lot of your questions.


Should have gotten it in writing that he would accept later payments and stuff. Also do you have a lease at or are you doing month to month? If no lease and doing month to month then he can give you a week notice at least in my state. Except right now due to Covid he can’t evict you. But still check with your local tenant laws


Tell him go mail box

He can file an eviction in a week it’s up to a judge to determine how long you get

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If you are in the us the he legally can not evict you right now. He has to have an eviction notice from the court house and they are not allowing them right now due to covid.


Nope, not sure what state your in but there is an Eviction Process he must file for and follow regardless of payment shortage. You are entitled to receive notice and all the steps that the eviction process entails… contact your local sheriff office, I’m sure someone can tell you about the process, it may differ from state to state.


You need to move out as soon as you can. Don’t put your kids in the middle


He has to go through the courts regardless


But i do believe 30 days depends on where you live. If lease is month to month then 30 days for us

They have to go through an eviction process at this point. Don’t let them bully you.


He would have to file a formal eviction. Stop paying in cash! You need a paper trail of your payments. Cashier check, personal check, money order…something to those effects.


Call the police he has no right to try and walk in your house like that I don’t care who he is


They can’t kick you out.