Can toddlers take melatonin?

I’ve heard more cons then pros about melatonin for toddlers. What are your thoughts?


Check with your pediatrician first before giving it to your toddler!!


According to my daughters doctor yes.

I’d ask a doctor first

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My son takes it and so does my daughter I went thru the doctor and they assured me it was safe

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When you take Melatonin long term your body begins depending on the supplement and stops producing it naturally the way it should. You should never put a child on Melatonin unless under strict physician order and monitoring.


Yes. My daughter never slept more than 4 hours a night till she was 2 and a half and the doctor told me to put her on them. It saved her and me lol. Always talk to their dr first though!!!

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You should check with your pediatrician that is familiar with your child. Not every kid needs to take it or may have issues that taking it could be problematic. While it can you fall asleep it does not keep you asleep.


It should never be used for longer than 2 weeks and never without consent of your pediatrician. It can cause the body to stop producing it naturally and cause a dependance. Also it commonly causes nightmares and other issues in young children.


Of course! The only thing that makes melatonin dangerous is when you use it constantly. Like every night. Once in awhile is perfectly safe, but long time consistent use will require the brain.

I refuse to give it to my daughter because she has nightmares. I don’t even give her night time meds because of it.

Why drug your child to sleep? Play with them, limit day time naps, don’t give them a snack a hour before bedtime, get into a routine ie. Bath at 8, story till 9


My kiddos pediatrician said it was ok. She no longer takes it. Yes it worked getting her to sleep but she always had night terrors when she did take it. No thank you.

My sons Dr told us at 2 to begin using it. My son is autistic and won’t sleep or rocks too hard at night.

My 2 year old daughter is autistic and takes 1 mg every night to help her sleep!

It really depends. I dont believe in using it as the “easy” way out.
Some toddlers have serious “chronic” sleep issues
Sometimes when they’ve ad a long day and they’re over stimulated…they may not sleep well
Vacation or unfamiliar places they may need a little help.

Meds aren’t my “go to” but both my kids have adhd. My youngest also has spd and my oldest has autism.
They “inherited” my insomnia.
At the peak with my oldest…he was getting maybe 4 hours of sleep a night. Getting into stuff in the middle of the night. Doing things that were dangerous and TRYING TO NOT WAKE US UP. I didn’t know about melatonin as an option then. But a friend suggested it. As hes gotten older…he became immune to it. He now takes clonidine (prescription) instead.

For my youngest his doctor wanted us to give benadryl instead. For him…it was what he was taking for allergies…and he was having issues with chronic ear infections and benadryl was being used to keep his ears “dry”.
Hes 3. Tubes have been put in his ears. He gets 0.5mg melatonin on “bad” nights.

It was recommended by a pediatrician for our children at night. It is natural and safe

In the UK it’s a prescription only medicine. This is to prevent it being given out like candy. It’s not a drug, it’s a hormone. Talk to a paed first.


Always talk to the pediatrician. Yes, it’s safe but your pediatrician knows your toddler best.

help kids (and adults) produce their own melatonin–get sunshine during the day and keep room dark at night