Can we make meetings with biological parents only?

I have a five 1/2-month-old child with an ex. He denied paternity at first, so he wasn’t in the picture at all until recently. He is a registered sex offender & is on probation for the next many years. I brought my son to meet him at our local mall in November, and I stated I wasn’t comfortable with his girlfriend yet as we don’t get along & I figured it’d be overwhelming for my son to meet too many people at once. We got there & his girlfriend was there anyway so he lied about her not being around. Now he wants to meet again, but I have two issues: one I don’t want her around him until he becomes comfortable with his dad. Two, I don’t want my oldest around either. Is there any way I can keep the meetings to just us biological parents at first, or can he take me to court for that? He keeps saying its parental alienation, but I have no problem with him meeting my son, just her. What can I do?


It’s not parental alienation, he doesn’t understand the law, bring a lawyer into the picture to clearly outline boundaries and guidelines and he will have less rights. The safety of your children should always be priority, people use the assumption of “unknowing” to intimidate and get what they want whether it’s right or wrong, and it’s usually wrong.


He’s 5.5 months old. He’ll be fine. I’d certainly keep your oldest away, especially if the man in question isn’t his biological father. Regarding the girlfriend… (I don’t know where you are) in my state, there isn’t anything you can do about that without a court saying so… it’s not your call


Definitely look to the court system, you have the upper hand because he is a registered sex offender, and he was never in the picture until now. Is he paying child support?


Talk to his parole officer. Always supervise the visits. I would limit visits and never. Never allow the baby to be alone without you. Also if he is not the father to your other child, keep them away.


You can tell him that this is for you and him. If he makes a stink about it, the court will side with you. Just let him know that if his girlfriend shows up you are leaving. Just make sure it is documented that is why you left. Keep leaving every time she shows up.


If he’s a registered sex offender he should be having only supervised visits anyway

You don’t have to agree or like the Gf being there. It’s about your child’s best interest not theirs. He can take you to court all he wants judge will agree. In all honesty if he or you ever went to court he wouldn’t even be allowed to see your child with out supervision


Why would he be able to be around any child without supervised visitation? If this was my child I would not let my child alone with him.

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What is wrong with young people, if he’s a registered sex offender why let him near your kids? You say no for the older one but would let him near your baby who can’t talk for himself just no. Make sure he’s the daddy first then do everything you can to keep him away from your children.


Sex offender…I wouldn’t let him anywhere where near my child. Let him take you to court. He’s playing mind games with you.


First of all, why are you asking advice on My Favorite Holiday?


I would not let him near the baby or your older child he is a registered sex offender why would you want your baby to know his dad In these circumstances. I wouldn’t have thought he would be allowed to be near a young child as part of his probation terms anyway.


Until u get full custody and take his rights and set standards for him to see the boy, then no there is nothing u can do. If he is on the birth certificate then technically he can go see the boy and have him whenever he wants. Now u can put stops at certain places like school u can put it down that he nor her can come there or pick him up. But other then that there is nothing u can do unless he agrees and sticks to it outside of a court hearin

I would move far far away. And never contact anyone I know.

Why the hell a visit, sex offender,? please, YOU need help! God lord, zero common sense, you asked! No wonder…


Get a lawyer, don’t trust the internet


I wouldn’t allow him within 10 feet of my child…


Well honestly if he’s registered sex offender he can only have visitation and you can demand it be supervised by court legally he can’t have any real rights to your son except child support and visitation and for now tell him your sons isn’t comfortable with her and will only see him


The bio dad is the one I wouldn’t want him around him.