Can you breastfeed and use formula at the same time?

I’m asking for some advice, please, on Formula and breastfeeding. I would like to know if there is Anyone that can help me out with doing both at the same time. I have tried breastfeeding with my second, and my nipples got so sore I had to stop, as I couldn’t bear the pain. I’m due to have my 3rd and have always wanted to breastfeed feed, but the pain brings it all back. I thought if I mixed feed to give my nips a break from the pain, it would be ok. I just don’t know Anyone else done Formula and breastfeeding before?


When I went back to work with my babies I always had to supplement with formula. I just wasn’t able to pump. I would still breastfeed when we were at home. You definitely can do both. With my 5th baby who is 2 years old now I had to actually use a lactation consultant to help because he didn’t latch right and it killed my nipples, so you could check into that as well. You do what’s best for you! Good luck

Yes. I exclusively pumped and gave formula.

Don’t physically mix the two together, but you can use both. Like switch for feedings

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I started with both. Only I pumped. But, wasn’t producing enough to keep my daughter fed. Now, she is on strictly formula and eating solids

Yep, I supplemented because I wasn’t producing enough and baby was losing weight.

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Yes, you can definitely do both! Some mama’s I know who have issues with production supplement to keep up with the baby. Fed is best🥰

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Use Lanolin on your nips before and after a feed. Works wonders. Your nips eventually get used to it. But it is of course okay to switch back and forth between breastmilk and formula. You do what you need to lady. None of it is easy.

I did 50/50 with my first and about 90/10 with my second

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Yes, like another person said though don’t mix the two & never mix water and breastmilk ect

Have you tried breast shields

I did both with my second daughter, but eventually had to completely switch to formula due to not producing enough and her being so hungry all the time. Lanolin does help as well.

Yes and you can mix breastmilk with formula.

After the first 6 weeks, the pain will be completely gone. You can definitely mix breast milk with formula! Much healthier than mixing with water

Yes you can do both and no it doesn’t make you a bad mother! It’s nice to have options.

My son was breast and bottle until he was 1. I didn’t mix them together, but if I was tired of him attached to me, his dad popped him some formula lol.

I did both with all 3 of my kids even some days I didn’t produce enough to keep them full all day so I would nurse until I was empty and then give a bottle after if they were still hungry. I feel like half breast milk is definitely still beneficial

Did both with my twins per their pediatricians recommendation…didn’t cause nipple confusion at all…

Yes! I have 3 boys and they ate a lot. I couldn’t keep up with the milk supply. I breastfed until I was empty enough to feel comfortable and then I used formula mostly when I was in public or when I was out and they were still hungry. All of my boys were very healthy and never had any of the normal childhood illnesses like ear infections. Just switch breasts back and forth alot to keep from getting too sore.

Have baby checked for to ties by a specialist. Breastfeeding should not be painful

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