Can you breastfeed while pregnant?

I just found out I’m pregnant with baby# two, and I’m worried about my breastfeeding with my 13months old. She’s not ready to wean. And i wanted to know of any mamas had breastfed through pregnancy? And do I have to take supplements to make more milk or? IDK. I need some advice about the mother who did.


Yes ma’am you can plenty of mothers do!

You can definitely still breastfeed! But be prepared, your little one MIGHT wean unexpectedly because pregnancy does change the taste of your milk & production might slow down a little bit. I would take a good prenatal just to support your body and baby, make sure you’re still eating plenty of protein, and you should be fine :purple_heart::purple_heart:

(Also not talking of personal experience, but from experiences I’ve heard in my mom groups and close mom friends)


I breast fed my son until I was about 6 months prego with my younger son. He stopped on his own.

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Best thing to do is speak with your Dr. For some women its safe for some women its dangerous. It all depends on your pregnancy

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Yes you can!! You’re doing great. Be sure your doctor knows but there shouldn’t be any complication! Congratulations!

Yes you can, but talk to your ob/midwife about it as well. It’s fine for most women, but for some it can cause issues with pregnancy.

If you are not at risk of preterm labor, you are fine to continue nursing. Nursing releases oxytocin in minute amounts, if you’re at any risk for preterm labor, I would speak with your doctor. The amount of oxytocin released is so small, it’s not an issue for most people. I tandem nursed my middle son and youngest daughter, no issues.

If you aren’t high risk you can yes. And even then you can under the guidance of your doc. I got pregnant when my second was 8.5 months and breastfed him. However he started biting and refusing to drink it even pumped probably because my milk changed. That’s how i actually found out i was pregnant. 🤦

I’m 20 weeks. And breast fed my 19 month old. He weaned himself a couple weeks ago on his own.

Some can produce while pregnant and for some the milk changes and the baby doesn’t like it anymore.

I’m 8 weeks pregnant and I was breastfeeding my 11 month old. He stopped abruptly and never looked back a week ago, I think it had to do with milk production reduction and change of taste

Unless you have other issues, it’s usually safe to breastfeed during pregnancy. I am 9 weeks and still breastfeeding my almost 12 month old. Pregnancy is hormone based, so you can expect to dry up by about week 20. Although, it can happen earlier or not at all for some women. Some babies dry nurse until milk returns and some self wean. You just won’t know until it happens.

I got pregnant when my baby was 3 months old and he stopped breastfeeding because my milk changed taste being pregnant.

Currently still breastfeeding my 21 month old and I’m 26 weeks pregnant. I’ll say this though… it hurts me now that I’m pregnant and I have gotten her down to naps and bedtime. But not everyone experiences the pain.

Ask your Dr my sister in law was told if you breastfeed while pregnancy you have higher chance to miscarry but I’ve seen other moms continue breastfeeding and have a healthy pregnancy

Yes you can, I did when I was pregnant with my second but, from what I can figure out from personal experience was I should have weened my daughter because when I had my son I had probably producing enough milk for him and with high enough calories so I ended up shifting him on to formula. It can be tricky. Also talk to a lactation specialist

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I became pregnant when my daughter was 8 months. Nursed her my entire pregnancy and now I tandem nurse my 3 week old and 18 month old. Both of my pregnancies were healthy and I didnt have a problem with my milk drying up when I I conceived. My supply definitely decreased but it came back.

I’m 13weeks 1day pregnant and still exclusively Breastfeeding my 7 month old baby :purple_heart::heart:

I’m pretty sure it’s fine.
But I also know that nipple stimulation such as pumping or sucking can induce labor so I’d ask your doctor

Yes you can, I was high risk of preterm baby, all mine were 6/8 weeks early but I was told it was fine to continue to feed and fed both after aswell.