Can you breastfeed while pregnant?

Was anyone able to breastfeed during pregnancy? Is it true it causes early labor? My doctor told me just to quit, but it’s been extremely difficult trying to wean my daughter. Does anyone have any tips on toddler weaning? I’ve tried doing it slowly over the last few weeks, but she’s not understanding or ready yet


Unless you have a high risk pregnancy it’s usually safe. Consult a lactation consultant or MFM doctor! :blush:


I nursed my daughter my entire pregnancy and then both of my babies for 5 months after. As long as your aren’t high risk it’s safe. :slightly_smiling_face:


I didn’t have any problems and I never got told to stop?

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Find a new doctor–if he/she does not know basic facts about pregnancy can’t trust them! Get in touch with a La Leche League group–mothers helping mothers


Your dr is full of crap. Unless you are high risk nurse on

i did it til i was about 5 months pregnant and my daughter was 16 months. my doctor and midwife told me to continue as long as possible as it will help my milk come in faster for my second and still so good for your first baby. i would ask your doctor why they say to quit maybe they have a reason

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Tandem feeding and as long as you’ve been breastfeeding gfeom the beginning ive been told you won’t go into labor and its safe.

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Some women breastfeed through their whole pregnancy and then tandem feed after the new baby is born… I wonder why they said to stop… :thinking::eyes::woman_shrugging:

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I nursed during 2 of my pregnancies up to about 6-7 months only because it was so hard to wean also! I just gradually eliminated day time nursing by offering foods or distracting them and flat out saying no more milk when they tried to get it! Wear a tight sports bra and shirts that do not show absolutely no cleavage or gives no easy access. Night time was rough for me so if they don’t already sleep through the night I suggest trying it on a 3 day weekend or a weekend in general because it’s exhausting. Say no milk and just offer cuddles they will cry…a lot… but usually after 2-3 nights they are used to it! I weaned my son’s nighttime feeding that way in 3 days!

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This was my question. I am not high risk, wasn’t with my first child either. All my doctor told me was it was safer to quit because your uterus contracts while breastfeeding and could possibly cause early labor. Was so curious because I’ve seen so many mommas tandem feed their children. It’s so hard to wean and I felt terrible trying because she’s clearly not ready :slightly_frowning_face: Thank you for all the advice mommas :two_hearts:

I breastfed through my whole pregnancy and then tandem for a few months before my toddler weaned.

Ask your doctor why they want you to stop. Usually it’s fine, but there may be another reason that could make it unsafe for you to do.

Probably a good idea to listen to your doctor on this one. If they don’t think it’s a good idea, they probably have a good reason for it.

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Not sure why you would stop. As for the question she asked. Just stop Breast feeding them. It will hard at first. They will move on

I know many won’t agree on this but I’ve put aloe on my breast and my boy quit instantly…

yes u can have a friend who done it with all her kids

I breastfeed my second the whole of my pregnancy with my third even when I’m hospital at the start of labour. Then tandem fed them both my second was 18months when my 3rd was born

When my sister was pregnant they told her to play with her nipples to stimulate contractions. Maybe this is her worry. I would think if you never stop you wouldn’t be as sensitive to it but I don’t know the science behind it

I breast fed until my oldest was 14 months old and I was 5 months pregnant. My youngest was born the day after his due date. My best friend breast fed her oldest until her second was born (2 weeks late) and then tandem fed for another 5-6 months.