Can you drink coffee during pregnancy?

Skip coffee during first trimester or continue having your cup ?


I googled the max amount
Halfway through my pregnancy somehow Dunkin upped the caffeine in their coffee lol
But, still, a md iced coffee a day was ok

I had a cup of coffee in the morning and still drank my pepsi and tea. Had to have energy somewhere… Lol.

Well i went caffinee free all the way thru thought i was doing something great and when my baby was born premature at 32 weeks they had to give him caffinee to help his respiratory system he would stop breathing a few seconds caffinee help build them up… my specialist told me not to stop caffinee to just cut back if it made me feel better i shoulda listen

Nope. Definitely still drink it. It will cause ZERO harm to the baby.

Drink it. Keep it under 180mg of caffeine a day.

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I have my morning cup every day. I have gestational diabetes diagnosed this time at 6 weeks and it’s my one love I just couldn’t give up :joy: (I have it black with a drizzle of milk (

I quit smoking during my pregnancy no way was anyone going to take my cup of coffee a day from me what I understand as long as you don’t overdo it you’re fine

I couldn’t stand the smell of coffee haha so I skipped it the whole pregnancy until the last month when I stumbled upon a brand my husband could enjoy without making me sick.

I didn’t have any caffeine during my first pregnancy and had a ton during my second. Both my daughters were fat, healthy and perfectly normal babies. My youngest was born at 38 weeks, 7lbs and she’s 2 months now and still perfect. Don’t even worry about it.


I worked 40 hr weeks 5am to 130pm and I stopped drinking coffee as soon as I found out I was pregnant. But I wasn’t a big coffee drinker anyway.

I drink a few cups now in my second pregnancy… But i was a heavy coffee drinker before this pregnancy… Up to 3 pots a day! But i do drink my coffee black with no cream or sugar… It all depends on what was normal for you before pregnancy… I did cut down but still drink my coffee… My baby is healthy and fine doctors told me to just cut it back some but to not completely cut it off because of shock and withdrawal

I drank as much caffeine as I wanted to when pregnant and my babies came out fine .

You’re not supposed to have more than one cup a day

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One decaf coffee a day for me, maybe 2 teas a week?

I could drink coffee all day, everyday. When I got pregnant with my first, I just didn’t want it anymore and the same has happened with my current pregnancy. If I smell it, I crave it but then don’t wanna drink it as soon as I get some. It’s weird. But I do still have my one Dr. Pepper a day. I cut way back when I found out I was pregnant but I have at least one a day. My doc said that was fine considering how much I drank before.

I stopped completely but that is because I didn’t drink a lot of coffee before hand.

I read in my pregnancy book that 2 cups of coffee or 1 red bull was acceptable.
I had a redbull every day (lord knows I needed the energy.)
And my sweet boy is healthy and happy.
I just wouldn’t go overboard

This is the first pregnancy iv actually kept coffee/tea down haha I’m drinking it probably more than I should haha but hey I gave up wine what more do they want

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I never stopped drinking coffee.