Can you drink coffee during pregnancy?

I never stopped drinking coffee

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I drink a lot of coffee, so moved to tea, still don’t like it but saves me worrying about my caffeine intake and also helps as coffee dehydrates, considering it’s hard to keep a pregnant woman hydrated, I think it’s a worthwhile swap for a few months :blush:

If I had coffee it was one md iced coffee and that’s it. My doctor told me one cup a day. I use drink coffee like it was going out of style before my daughter.

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I just decreased the amount, just drank enough to get me through with both my children n they were both full term and healthy :slight_smile:

:woman_shrugging: I still had a red bull in the beginning or I got major migraines. But I’m not a coffee drinker and never had been so I worked down from the 16 oz red bulls to the 8.4 oz red bulls then down slowly with pop till I was drinking 2/3 a day depending on if i got a headache.

I tried to drink it sometimes in the 1st trimester with both kids but it always gave me awful heart burn so I ended up just foregoing it. Doc told me one small cup a day was fine though.

I kept drinking coffee but limited myself to one cup a day. That was basically my normal amount of coffee before pregnancy but only drinking one cup a day kept me in check both pregnancies and never harmed my babies.

I had coffee and soda and monsters through out my whole pregnancy and I limited some of it and my baby was healthy no problems.

Couldn’t stand the smell or taste when pregnant and am a coffeeholic

Skipped all caffeine - coffee, soda, etc. during entire pregnancy. Both pregnancies.

For every cup of coffee I had I just made sure I also had the equivalent in water with it.

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I used to drink coffee every single morning but have seriously cut down to like once a week woth my daughter. Coffee isnt that bad as long as your not over doing it.

1 cup of coffee per day is fine

I drank coffee in the beginning. But it eventually got to where it just smelled terrible to me and I couldn’t drink it at all . . But it dont hurt to have your coffee as long as that’s not all you drink and you stay hydrated.

One cup won’t hurt you. Just don’t go overboard.

Both of my kids are perfectly healthy and I continued to drink my normal amount of caffeine throughout both pregnancies
As some have suggested just make sure you’re getting water too
I guarantee women like my mother and grandmother 20-50 years ago didn’t give up their coffee lol

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I had coffee in the mornings. Couldn’t drink anything else but water after that but that’s because I love water and teas and cokes made me thirsty for water anyways so I just didn’t drink them. Still don’t

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Nah girl have that coffee

I wasn’t a heavy coffee drinker. Just a cup in the mornings at that time. Slowly cut it out midway through but that’s because there was no Tim Hortons next to my work anymore :joy:

I cut out all caffeine with my first but I probably won’t with my next one.