Can you drink coffee while breastfeeding?

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Yes I was told just remember some of the caffeine may go to baby since they essentially are getting what you’re eating and drinking. Decaf would probably be best

You can; however, the caffeine can still get into the breastmilk and to baby. Keep it to the mornings, possibly after baby has fed, and in small amounts. Otherwise, just do decaf or even halfcalf to limit the amount that can transfer to baby.

And don’t let me forget to send you congratulations and great work my fellow momma :blush:

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Yes of course as long as your also hydrating yourself because coffee does the opposite

Moderation. Decaf is better if your body isn’t used to the caffeine.

Make sure you use the opposite hand than the side the babies on

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Yes just don’t drink too much or they will poop like crazy :woozy_face: learned that from my first baby