Can You dye your hair while pregnant?

Is it safe to dye your hair at 7 months pregnant?!


I always heard after the first trimester

Anything past 12 weeks is okay

u can but May not come out the colour u wanted Due to ur hormones.


yes just have a window open

Yeah you can. Just got mine done a month ago. Didnt stay well though cuz of the hormones

Yes. I bleached my hair
Blonde at 10 weeks with my son and I boxed dyed my hair when I was 4 months with my daughter

I’ve always dyed my hair. With my third I still had purple on my scalp when I went into labor so I dripped purple sweat everywhere.

Yes I did and yes it is safe to color or bleach your hair while pregnant. As long as it’s a well ventilated space, then it’s fine.

I worked as a hairdresser for three pregnancies and got my hair done. It’s safe.

Yes in a well ventilated area

They say you can but I never did with all 3 pregnancies. I also didn’t use nail polish for the first 2. Then in my last pregnancy I used a a special polish for women who r pregnant.

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I did but a warning your hair may reject the dye mine rejected a type of dye I used before I was pregnant and my blue turned lime green

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I did it with both my pregnancies!!

I did about 34 weeks. I asked my doctor prior though.

I did every 2 months when I was pregnant.

Yeah you’re absolutely fine. I bleached my hair and then colored it purple. I just didn’t use it directly on my roots so it didn’t touch my skin and I did it in a screened in sun room so it was well ventilated. I’m 9 months pregnant. They say avoid it the first trimester because that’s when you’re most sensitive but it’s been proven that hair dye doesn’t seep into your skin and get to your baby. There’s a bunch of articles on it online. My doctor didn’t say it was a problem either. She complimented the new look haha

No, you should NOT suck on toxic fumes while pregnant


Yes, it’s safe! My doctor said there are no studies that show it’s harmful to you or babe. Each pregnancy I’ve gotten it bleached and highlighted multiple times and no harm :blush:

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Yes just have good ventilation