Can you feel baby kick at 17 weeks?

Can you feel kicking at 17 weeks ? I told my best friend that when I lay down on my back or left side the baby kicks and moves like crazy.


Yes. I did with my second and now third pregnancy.

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Yes, it’s call quickening. It feels like tiny flutters. I love it.

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I’m 13 weeks this is my second pregnancy thats actually going good. I can feel my baby kick when I’m laying down or sitting in certain postions.


Yes. I did with my first 2. My last though I didn’t because I had an anterior placenta so it took longer

I felt my 3rd baby kicking at 15 weeks. & My first 2 around 17 weeks.

Yes. I felt my youngest at 12 or 13 weeks.

Yes. I did with both of my pregnancies and my 2nd baby I had an anterior placenta.

I felt kicks at 13 weeks

Yes!! I felt my son moving at 14 weeks! Nobody believes me except my OB when she did my ultrasound and he was moving like crazy

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Yes, I’ve been feeling kicks since 13 weeks

Yes. I did at 16 weeks with my first pregnancy. Not often, but once or twice.

I felt mine kick at 16 weeks. :heart: I was positive I felt earlier but people kept saying it was gas, it didn’t feel like gas at all but I don’t wanna sound like I’m lying so I say 16 weeks lol

For sure! I found she didn’t kick hard or long enough for other people to feel her but I could feel her when I was in certain positions. :slightly_smiling_face:

I felt flutters around 20 weeks so it’s possible (especially if you’re thinner, I’d imagine?)

I was able to feel my first moving around 15 weeks

I’m almost 17 weeks and I swear I can feel the baby kick or move!

Everyone is different. It depends on your body, baby’s placement, placenta placement, etc. I felt my son move at about 14 weeks, but some don’t feel movement until further along.

Yes, I felt my first at 14 weeks, my second at abt 18 weeks cause she was just kicking her placenta.

Yes you can, this is my fourth pregnancy and I started feeling mine really good around 17 weeks im now almost 27 weeks and my daughter moves around all the time now.