Can you get an epidural with a full back tattoo?

Can you get an epidural if you have a full back tattoo!? I was told by a friend I probably couldn’t, and then googled it, and I’m getting both answers. It said something about it pushing the ink into your spine, and that they have to find skin without ink. When I say I have a “full back,” I mean, it’s all colored! I’m scared outta my mind now. I know I’d be fine without the drugs, but I’d really like to have an epidural if at all possible.


call your ob and get a definite answer, it may be different with every doctor


I have back tattoos and I got a epidural

i did :woman_shrugging: mine didn’t work but i got one in my tattoo lol


Depends on your anesthesiologist. Some will some wont. You can call your ob and find out


Tattoos have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with epidurals


I’d call and ask your dr but if you can you can ask about a saddle block I had one with my very first

Find out who your anesthesiologist would be and call their office. Since they are the specialist performing the epidural they will give you the most concrete answer, your OB’s office probably won’t know or give you the correct answer.

I know that once a tattoo heals the ink is bonded to the cells of your skin and the type of needle they use for epidurals won’t mobilize any fragments of skin or in your case ink once it’s inserted.


Just discuss it with your doctor, some doctors/hospitals have different policies. Honestly though, I’ve had kids with epidurals and without. It’s not the worst thing in the world without :woman_shrugging:

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I got one took 3 times but I got one. Lol

I didn’t have the time to get an epidural with my son. If you aren’t able to get it, it’s not that bad without it.

That’s something your doctor needs to determine plus how old the tattoo is etc. and the anesthesiologist

I have a back tattoo and have had two epidurals


Speak to your doc and they will tell you. Google isn’t always right and anyone who isn’t a medical professional wouldn’t know for sure

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I have a full back one and had an epidural and spinal tap

Honestly I wouldn’t recommend epidural in general look up the side effects they are very long-term.

They have other pain management options of work just as well


Yes lol, a tattoo has 0 effect on you getting an epidural.


I did…but it did cause a bit of a problem with him trying to find the right spot. I think he poked me 4 times, and I was in full blown labor by the time he finished😕

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Ask your dr. FB is not a good place to get medical advice.


I did!!! There was no problem. It’s not my whole back but parts of my back and my whole spine