Can you get dental work while pregnant?

Is it possible to get a cavity removed when pregnant? Btw I am 34 weeks pregnant


yes, i got a tooth pulled and cavity filled at 37 weeks.

If your dentist suggest it then yes

Filled or tooth pulled?

Yes but I was told the 2nd trimester is the safest

I had 2 teeth pulled at like 30 weeks pregnant :woman_shrugging: they said that was perfectly safe

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Yes u can I did had a bunch of teeth removed while pregnant

Yes, after second trimester is best and letter from your OB. You can’t have N2O though.

Dentists and midwives actually recommend it

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Yes in fact your dental problems can affect the baby so it’s a good idea to take care of it.

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I had a tooth pulled while pregnant,they just had to have permission from my ob to give the numbing meds.

You can yes. I had a tooth removed while pregnant and I wouldn’t recommend it. It was awful!

Yes if it gets infected and spreads to your bloodstream it could hurt baby. Not trying to scare you. It’s been a while for me but I think they said you could, they just have to watch what pain meds to give you and monitor for infection.

Had a tooth pulled at like 34 weeks

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Yes! I had a tooth removed around 18 weeks. No complications. :slightly_smiling_face:

I got a filling while pregnant. You just have to have your doctor fill out a paper that clears you for it…(At least In Washington State You Do)

Yes. I had a dental abscess at 8 months pregnant. Your dentist should consult your OB for any meds

I had a wisdom tooth taken out at 7 months. I did fine afterwards and so did baby

Yes definitely take care of it! Dentist might want a note from your ob saying it’s safe. But definitely get that done asap!

I just had 2 molars removed a couple weeks ago at 27 weeks pregnant.

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