Can you get pregnant before your fertile days?

I’ve had unprotected sex the past few days. I have Flo period tracker, and it says the chance of getting pregnant but says six days until fertile. What are the odds of pregnancy? I don’t want “you can get pregnant” or “no, can’t.” Looking for an educated answer. Or how likely it would be that I could get pregnant. Or couldn’t. My most fertile day is not until the 13 so six days.


Sperm can live in your for days, so it is possible.

Honestly depends on your body. I don’t ovulate at the time my period tracker tells me. I’ve gotten pregnant 3 times from ovulating later than my period came.

From my understanding of the female reproductive cycle, the egg must come in contact with sperm within 24 hours of its release. Sperm can live about 5 days in your body. So having unprotected sex within 5 days of ovulation or on the day of ovulation puts you at higher risk of becoming pregnant. Your “most fertile” day is the day your app has calculated you will most likely ovulate, but it can not determine that for sure.

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Sperm can survive 5 days in your body


Sperm can stick around for around 5 days, so yes it’s possible.


I have Flo as well and I didn’t think I could get pregnant 5 days before my ovulation date…but here I am 10 weeks later with a baby inside of me lol :slightly_smiling_face:


Sperm can live inside of you for 5 days. Chances are you could get pregnant. Slim, but they are there.


I had sex 6 days before I was “supposed” to be fertile, and I got pregnant. I wasn’t tracking with ovulation tests or my natural fluids lol, but im guessing I am fertile a couple days sooner than my app would say.

You can get pregnant anytime you have sex …there’s always a chance


Flo was way off on my ovulation days. If you want to get an idea of when you actually ovulate I’d get the test strips and do it that way


Well if you do get pregnant I bet it’s a girl


Currently pregnant🤦 i used flo & we go based off when it says im fertile & avoid having sex those days. Well apparently their info was wrong or my body just ovulated 2 weeks late & now im pregnant with twins at that🤣


I had sex 2 times in one month. Once on day 8 of my month and once right before my cycle. I got pregnant.

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You can only get pregnant when your ovulating… they give you a week considering sperm can survive for 5 day’s but the chances are very slim. The chances get higher each day closer to your ovulation date. If you don’t have unprotected sex from here forward I’m pretty sure you’ll be good.

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The flo predictions for ovulation are not 100% accurate. It’s a guess based on when the average woman ovulates in her cycle. You could ovulate sooner or later than that. But you won’t know unless you take the tests needed to determine your ovulation window.

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You can get pregnant while on your period so a lot of possibilities.


Some information for everyone: There is only a 30 percent chance of pregnancy on the fertile day. Sperm can live in the body for 3-5 days. The egg, once released, only lives for 24 hours. On average ovulation happens 14 days before your next period, but can fluctuate.

Your likelihood is super low.


50/50 chance. It either happens or doesn’t

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