Can you get pregnant if your tubes are tied?

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YESSSSSSS, you sure can!!! I’m living proof of that. I had my tubes tied after my 4th c-section and 3 and a half years later fell pregnant naturally with my 5th child - healthy little girl who is 5 years old now. :revolving_hearts:


I know of a couple ladies who became pregnant several years after getting their tubes tied. One was 10 years later and one was 13 yrs.

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yep. to make it even weirder, I’ve known couples that BOTH the husband and wife were “fixed” and they got pregnant :flushed:


Its extremely rare unless they messed up the surgery but it is completely possible same way with but it also depends on when u had it to they say every year afterwards u always have a very small chance u can still get pregnant

Mine were removed and I still haven’t had my period this month. Getting kinda nervous :weary:

I knew of a woman who got pregnant but it was in her tubes (since she had them tied). It was a medical emergency and can happen.

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Had my tubes tied in 2015 after my 6th pregnancy and 4th living child (all boys). Some days I’m glad but the depression sinks in and I regret it. I never got to have a little girl. My sister was born after tubes were tied.

Had mine fried and tied when I was 22yo…I’m now 48yo…never got prego again…big mistake though…spent a literal decade in depression and cried almost every night once my youngest daughter went to kindergarten. .wouldnt recommend doing that surgery unless you’re absolutely done with having kids and 30yo …

Reading all these I am worried mine got done in last c section they took a part out and brunt each end shit if I get pregnant in 10 years I hope iv gone throu menaporse so it dosnt happen :grimacing:

Yes you can. It happened to me. Mind ended in a tubal pregnancy that ruptured.

my mother got pregnant after having me & getting her tubes tied. she ended up having a severe miscarriage :cry:

Yep my first tubal is 39 yrs old my second tubal was a tubal pregnancy I burst nd I was Hemorrhaging that was 2 yrs after first tubal , my daughter in law wife of my tubal son I had got pregnant after 4 yrs after her tubal and thier 4th kid is now 2 !! We call them our miracle babies​:heavy_heart_exclamation::v:t4::wink:

Yes. My little brother (we are 13months apart) proves that :grimacing:

Clamped or tied? Never heard of tubes coming “undone” but I have heard about the clamps coming undone

Yes I did after having them tied for 3 years

Yes your tubes can repair them selfs

Yes. I ended up with a tubal pregnancy after having them tied.

I know somebody who had tubes tied burned and cut and still got pregnant


My mom did with my youngest sister and that was 21 years ago