Can you get pregnant on nexplanon?

Can you get pregnant on nexplanon? Honestly scared to test I had sex the day after it was put in. Tender breasts, not feeling well. Also, did the baby survive if you got pregnant on nexplanon?


No birth control is 100%. My OB recommend letting it go through my system for a week before I had sex. Nexplanon does have a higher chance of ectopic pregnancy


I believe you have to wait so many days before it is even effective. Nothing is instant when it comes to birth control


If it was just put in there’s a chance. I would definitely test. I also had minor symptoms though on top of a full blown period and my body would mock the first few weeks of pregnancy. Better check and be safe

The only way to ensure not to become pregnant is not having sex… no birth control is 100% effective. And ladies please remember some birth controls if you take antibiotics when did them completely useless. Speak with your doctor about all medications that you are on and if you are not sure used condoms spermicide and there is always the option of Plan B.


My friend got pregnant on Nexplanon and because she left it in, she partially miscarried (a 3rd baby she didn’t know of because the growth was stunted) and then had a full miscarriage a week later. Her 2nd doctor also said one of her babies (she had triplets) had down syndrome from the birth control.

I got nexplanon and didn’t wait for it to take affect and was pregnant. Never knew until I was 5 months pregnant. Got it taken out and got sent to a specialist just to make sure and baby was perfectly fine, he’s 5 now :slightly_smiling_face:

U wouldn’t have pregnancy symptoms after 24 hours lmao. Also the doctor says it takes I believe 2 weeks to work. I had it 4 times just removed mine after gaining a lot of weight this time around m

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Nexplanon takes 7 days to take affect. So yes definitely could be pregnant if you didn’t wait 7 days for it to take effect in your body.


Nexplanon can give you pregnancy symptoms I had it for 2 yrs I had weight gain, vomiting sore breasts and so on I had to take it out it wasn’t for me

Yep then had my period until I was 5 months pregnant so I didn’t even know until I went for my first appointment.

Had it for 3 years. No baby

They should have done a pregnancy test before inserting Nexplanon.

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Yes you definitely can my friend just had a baby on it.

Nexplanon take 7-10 days after putting in to take to start working


They tell you to wait at least a week so yes you can get pregnant… i followed doc’s instructions & was baby free for 3 yrs!

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My 4 year old I got pregnant with on nexplanon… was on it for 8 months when I got pregnant.

You’re supposed to wait 2 weeks lmao

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You’re supposed to wait to have unprotected sex until two weeks after it’s out in. That’s just the general rule with most birth control. You could definitely be pregnant