Can you get pregnant on the depo?

How many of you mamas got pregnant while using the Depo shot? I have two kiddos, one in heaven that I lost March of last year, and I got the Depo ever since. But I have almost every pregnancy symptom. I don’t know if its the shot causing it or not. I’m sure for my next shot next month. I am even falling asleep sitting up. I have to get up and move around or I just fall asleep! Sore breasts, I can smell from a mile away, crying alot, etc. I think I will get it test, but this BC just seemed so effective.


My sister got pregnant with my nephew on the Depo

I’ve been on depo for 3 years. Each time I get close to time for my next shot I start having phantom pregnancy symptoms.

Get a test and take it. Better to rule it out or know now so you can talk with your doc about what to do next

I got caught with my now 2 month old been on it for 4 years didn’t find out till nearly half way through :weary::weary:

I’ve heard even if you get pregnant on the depo , you won’t test positive for like 6 weeks or so . I have heard of people getting pregnant on the depo

A girl I know did! I believe she said it happened with both her pregnancy’s

Why not just do a test


I got pregnant with my soon to be 12 year old on the depo

The hormones can give you pregnancy symptoms, but anything is possible.

I was on depo every time i got pregnant

I got pregnant on depo twice

My mom got pregnant twice on depo

The depo shot causes symptoms similar to pregnancy the best thing go do is go to the Dr.

Here’s my Depo Shot baby. He’ll be 3 in August.

I was on the depo shot and I’m currently 12 weeks pregnant with baby #4

I got pregnant while on Depo. Had gone into the clinic to get my next shot, they did a routine pregnancy test, & it was positive. I had had 2 or 3 rounds of it beforehand & I had always gotten it about 2 weeks before the 12 week mark. Just to be on the safe side. Unfortunately I miscarried that baby about 3 weeks later.

The shot caused me pregnancy symptoms

I have never used it but all 3 of my bonus kiddos were born that way and so was my younger 2 siblings…hence why I’ve used other methods

Just go take a test an see what that says than if u dont like the results of that an still feel pregnant than go get a blood test taken from ur doctor to be 100 percent sure. I reacted bad to the depo shot so i stoped usin it now i have the implant that goes in ur arm. I heard bad things an good things about it before i tryed it but i decided to find out for myself. An with nexplonon at first the first 2 monthes it took some time gettin used to just like any birth control. I heard some women heavly bleed on it. I didnt bleed once soon as i got it. An i still havent had a period. The only thing was it itched the first month where it was put in at an somtimes i would get shocked like a static shock by my arm i talked to a doc said it was normal. Good luck with everythin tho. Hopfully u find out the results an than can find a good birth control. One that doesnt get u pregnant when its not supose to do so. But if u are pregnant congrats an than maybe after the baby shop around for different birth controls . my advice dont go off with what people say. Take into consideration that maybe it could happen what ever the symptoms maybe but like nexplonon i heard negative things an nothin happened to me at all an i love it now