Can you get pregnant with your tubes tied?

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Anything is possible

I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t :raising_hand_woman:t2:


Small chance but yes

We’re they actually tied? I had a tubal ligation expecting my tubes to have been tied and a year after I had my daughter I was pregnant again! Learned Dr only cut my tubes and they fused back together I stressed at my delivery "cut, tie and burn. Been 6 years now no kids so thinking she listened this time

10 years after…first tubal was a band that slipped for 10 years never causing scar tissue… second time they cut, tied, and welded each end as far away as they could.


Absolutely possible
Vasectomy aren’t always effective either. I know a couple that had both and still had a baby.


Just get them removed completely. Lessens your chance for ovarian cancer as well.


Yes you can depend on how you tube was tie

There is a small chance if it happening, but yes, its possible

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Yes, had ectopic pregnancy 6 months after having my tubes tide. Worst experience of my life.

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Back in my day when I had my tubes tied they also burned them but than to many women decided to get pregnant so they stopped burning them

Tied, burnt and one ovary? Anyone??

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I had mine cut, tied and burnt in 2002 and had another child in 2016. The dr removed my tubes completely after delivering my son

Ties, clamps etc absolutely. There is always a risk it can undue, just as a vasectomy is not always 100% guaranteed. The only guarantee is total fallopian tube removal. My OB said she had seen too many pregnancies with ties and if I was serious about doing the procedure to go with full removal.

Yes, I know a couple of women who has had healthy babies after getting their tubes tied!

Yes I know somebody that it happened to aswell. I would go for the full hysterectomy!

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There’s a very rare chance but only the first few years after having the procedure

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The point of a tubal is not to get pregnant. Why would you want to get pregnant with a tubal?
They tell you the risks, it could happen. Its a smaller risk then BC. Hence why women get them. When they’re done having kids.
You’d need a revision procedure.