Can you get tattoos while breastfeeding?

I’m booked in for a tattoo next Sunday, it will be on my forearm. I’m wondering if it is safe to go through with it as I am exclusively breastfeeding, my son is four months and three weeks if that makes any difference. I’ve had a tattoo before, so i don’t think ill have an allergic reaction, etc. but I’ve never breastfed before and don’t want to do anything that could potentially harm the baby.


I got a tattoo while pregnant (didn’t know) and he is perfectly fine.

Yeah u can, it’s the infection that is the risk

Yes. Shops just dont while you’re pregnant.

The only time a “no” comes up is due to infection (typically blood). That is a possibility with tattoos at any time, but infections are not good while breastfeeding. I spoke with several doctors about this

Put some breastmilk on it! :joy::joy:

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My tattoo artist recommended that I wait til I’m done breastfeeding in case of infection. I’m waiting to be on the safe side. :wink:


Most shops wont do it if youre pregnant, BUT breastfeeding yea theyll do it lol, just make sure everything is clean and you keep it super clean afterwards😊

I got two when my daughter was 4 months I had no issues it’s been 4 months some artists won’t due it for liability reasons

I got my first tattoo while I was exclusively breastfeeding. He was six months old

I did- no issues!! I have a 4 month okd

It should be safe. If you don’t want to then just pump some breast milk out. ?

I got one while I was breastfeeding both of my girls. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Some artists won’t. Mostly because if the person doesn’t take care of it properly, it will get infected and that will affect their milk, and then they’ll blame the artist and possibly sue. It’s a safety net for them to protect themselves. But as long as the artist is willing and has a sterile environment and sterile tools and is a reputable artist, it IS okay to get a tattoo while nursing.

I got one while breastfeeding and was just extra careful making sure it was clean so I wouldn’t get an infection =)

You’re gonna be fine, get it done. I’ve gotten 8 tattoos with zero problems. 2 while breastfeeding

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Yes, I got my chest tattoo while breastfeeding

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I did with no problem

Why not just wait if your worried


I got two when I breastfed. They told me it’s not enough ink in your blood stream to harm