Can you give birth naturally after a c-section?

Is it possible to give birth naturally after c.section and for how long should I wait? Share your stories if anyone delivers normally after CS.


No, it’s not and most doctors will not do it now. I had one and almost died because the doctor was an idiot.

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Yes, it’s called a vback. (vee back) but they only do it after horizontal cesareans, not vertical

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You can depending on hospital. I had a c section with my 3rd and as long as my baby comes before 40 weeks we will be doing natural birth.

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Yes u can. I had a c-section 5 years ago when I had twins that was in 2015, then I got pregnant that year had my 4 year old in 2016, then I had another vbac in 2018 and then I had another vbac this year in March. All of my vbacs was successful didn’t have any complications at all my now 6 month old I got induced with him cuz I was two days over my due date.

I had a natural birth after a c.section with no problem.

Yes it is. I had my VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-section) 21 months after my emergency c-section. It all went smoothly. I had a doctor who told me it wasn’t possible so please make sure you do all of your research and speak to a midwife or OBYN about it as they’re more educated in updated information for safe births rather than GP.

Sometimes. It’s called a VBAC- vaginal birth after cesarean. You have to find a Dr willing to try, some people aren’t eligible. Your doctor will know by doing an exam and getting your med records/history. Unless the same Dr who did your csect would deliver the next, you can start there. My sil is doing it in Nov.

I had two natural births after a c-section

Yes you can. Most doctors like deliveries to be 12-18 months apart. There’s other criteria. I was approved for vbac with my rainbow and I guess they can use pitocin and stuff to induce but they do it very carefully. I ended up doing repeat csection though just because my cervix wasn’t dilated and I didnt feel comfortable putting my baby through a long labor when doctors felt she might not have been strong enough to survive (diagnosed with IUGR, small baby basically). And after losing a baby 2 years prior l wasn’t taking any chances.

You can depending on the reason for the csection. Trust ur gut and ur dr! I was too afraid to do vbac and I’m glad I didn’t bcuz my uterus was extremely thin it could’ve erupted.

Not if they are less than 2 years apart

I had a c section with my daughter and was told I could do natural next

It really depends on why you had the 1st cesarean.

Yes. You will need to be evaluated and have the risk factors ruled out. I’d recommend seeing a midwife if you can find one to take you.

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I had one 3 years after my cesarean my doctor took lots of ultrasounds before making the decision that I could he said it all depends on how your uterus scar heals some women can get a lot of scar tissue and don’t recomed a natural birth.

My first was a c-section. My second & third were vbac. My second was 5 years after my c-section & 3rd was 7 years after… They offered me the choice to have a repeat c-section on my 2nd & 3rd but I told them I wanted to try natural…

I had natural, c-section,natural, c-section. I had no issue

All birth is natural


I asked my dr yesterday amd they said yes unless your uterus is super thin from the time you had a csection.